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Farmery for Android is an attractive Wolf Ca farm game released by VNG, attracting a lot of favorite players. Join the game Farmery – Wolf Ca Farm, you will become a true farmer, unleash planting trees, raising fish, taking care of pets according to your preferences.

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Download Farmery for Android – Game attractive Vietnamese pure farm on the phone.

If you have ever loved Hay Day ‘s pictures of green farms, fat dairy cows, or you are a fan of farm games, Farm games … for a while, you will not be able to ignore Farmery. a new generation of farm game with improved and easier way to play is Farmery for Android.

Not only becoming a farmer with the features of planting trees, raising animals, making friends with lovely, lovely sheep, chickens, pigs, cows, but also trading and trading activities in the game Farmery Farm also helps Players experience the feeling of becoming a true trader.

Video introduction game Farmery on Android

Let’s play Farmery game to create your own world, assert yourself as a good farmer with planting, tending, harvesting and managing the farm … The job seems simple but it requires Ask the ingenuity, patience, creativity of the player.

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Choose to buy animals, plant varieties, animal feed, field plots … in the store.

Rated as one of the best farm games at the moment, in just a short time, Happy Farm Game has attracted millions of domestic and foreign gamers to participate.

Players will be transformed into a true farmer with animal farms, colored gardens in each gardening operation extremely vivid and interesting. Let your friends and family drop into the lush green gardens, ripe fruits, the sounds of goats, pigs, cows, … the sound of the village, the sound of peace.

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Farmery is built on the Android operating system, suitable for all tablets and phones running this operating system. Ignoring the chaos of life, Farmery is the product that gives you relaxing moments with family and friends right on your phone. Not only the young, the product is rated as a great entertainment game for young students.

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Salient features of the game Farmery farm for Android

  • Become a true farmer with your own farm
  • New style fishing, bringing extremely attractive experience for players.
  • Farming and producing more than 100 rich products.
  • Build a farm according to your taste.
  • Diverse daily mission system, for players to unleash implementation.
  • Freely exchange and trade products and goods with other players.
  • Help, trade and share with friends.
  • Simple operation, easy.
  • Play the game completely free.

With sharp images and vivid sound, Farmery will definitely bring an extremely interesting gaming experience to you. So download Farmery for Android to quickly become a real farmer!

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