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Welcome to paradise island with a new mission – build, manage and develop the beautiful kingdom in the simulation game Farm Game: Island Escape. You can download and play the Farm Game: Island Escape game for free on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

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Background in the game Farm Game: Island Escape is a paradise island where sunny and windy year round with white sand dreaming. You can play the game alone in Single Player mode or play with your friends at the same time when splitting the screen into sections.

Game Farm Game: Island Escape is developed in a fun farm game style. Players will own a beautiful island paradise with lots of flowers, trees, birds and animals. Your task is to build buildings, plant trees, raise cattle and poultry … to customize the island to your liking. Interactive features expressed through the task of buying and selling goods, crops … with gamers around the world. There will be many orders (orders) for you to complete and own the powerful upgrade package. Mission system in the game allows to experience Farm Game: Island Escape in many different ways. During the game, do not forget to chat with people to share experiences and knowledge to develop new lands!

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Away from the hustle and bustle city, return to the nature of plants in the Farm Game: Island Escape management game. Initially, you will own a small island with sandy beaches, trees and animals. But that’s all. Want to develop the island so that people can live and promote tourism, attract visitors … you need to plan to build and manage it. The first is to build farms to grow crops, fruit trees, raise cute animals and abundant minerals to make profits.

Players need to take advantage of the harbor, construction to develop business to neighboring islands. It is even possible to send cargo on balloons very conveniently. In your free time, you will talk to neighbors to create good relationships, promote the exchange of goods and business experience on the island.

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From a deserted island, build your own kingdom and find new fun here. Game Farm Game: Island Escape offers players a lot of decorations to create the paradise island “ten thousand people love”.

Outstanding feature of Farm Game: Island Escape

  • Simulation game combining construction management paradise island.
  • Buying and selling goods and crops, exchanging with global gamers.
  • Complete big orders to own value upgrade packages.
  • Experience the game in different ways through a variety of mission systems.
  • Chat with neighbors, global gamers.
  • Collect, unlock decorations to beautify the island.

Download Farm Game: Island Escape 4

Not only is the common farm management game , Farm Game: Island Escape also intertwines both the construction and management of a vast kingdom. This is a gentle game, suitable for everyone. You can freely customize buildings and decorate the island as you like to own a new style empire!

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