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Fairy Lights Mod for Minecraft provides players with colorful and stylish decorative lights to beautify Christmas trees, houses and large Minecraft worlds.

Download Fairy Lights Mod for Windows 1

Fairy Lights Mod 1.12 / 1.11.2 adds decorative lights with powerful customization to prepare you for the Christmas season. You can customize it in a variety of ways, from color to curvature, decoration to pine, windows or anywhere. This is an indispensable item for Christmas and annual Christmas!

Recipe created in Fairy Lights Mod

To create colorful lights, you first need to make lights. The lights have 6 basic types: Fairy Light, Paper Lantern, Orb Lantern, Flower Light, Ornate Lantern and Oil Lantern. There are also special types such as Spooky Light, Spider Light, Ghost Light, Jack O’Lantern, Skull Light, Witch Light, Snowflake Light, Icicle Light and Metero Light for other holidays. Weedwood Lantern is an additional lamp from The Betweenlands.

Download Fairy Lights Mod for Windows 2

The Fairy Light is created by the horizontal arrangement of iron bars, wires or rods with flashing lights to create different styles (from top to bottom or left to right). If there are more bright stones, the lights will flash beautifully. When using with wire we will have soft lights to hang on trees or decorate in windows, doors. Also used with rods, there will be vertical vertical lamps. After making the base lamp, it will have 4 main colors, but can be added to have 8 colors all.

In the Fairy Lights Mod , players will be provided with a recipe for lights and some examples of Christmas lights.

You can install the Fairy Lights Mod through Minecraft Forge . On the Download button above there is a full link to download the Fairy Lights Mod for each Minecraft version for Windows .

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