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FaceU is a photography application that contains stunning animated stickers, making your photos sparkling and more vivid. Refresh your photos and make yourself prettier, more attractive thanks to FaceU’s unique filters, stickers and effects.

FaceU has conquered about 300 million users worldwide, extremely popular in Japan and South Korea. It has become a selfie app used by many fashion icons, hot faces on social networks and even celebrities. Many updates in the new version make the shooting effect even better when photographing people and scenes. Special effects including rain, magic and various film-style filters have also been updated, providing a new way for you to take great selfies.

Salient features of FaceU photography application for Android

More than 1000 special sticker effects

Surely you will find yourself beautiful, more attractive when taking photos with FaceU. Add effects of cute cat ear sticker, dog ears or animal stickers; wearing luxurious clothes and accessories; Interesting 3D effects, film styles and fireworks effects; change hair color; create different facial expressions; styled in the ancient style, insert music … And many other special label effects are regularly updated and supplemented daily for you to explore.

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More than 1000 unique stickers, professional photo filters

Skin editing function and powerful style

FaceU has a skin correction function for you from level 1 to level 5, allowing users to remove acne, freckles and scars with a simple click. The application has many different face shapes for you to choose from. Try it out if you change to V-line face, oval face, round face … what will it look like!

Professional filters

More than 30 different fashion filters available for you to change. Professional photographers and designers are invited by FaceU to adjust the filter. By regularly updating different types of filters, even similar landscapes will become special with a few taps.

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Make interesting animated GIFs, videos with animated stickers

Make short videos, insert music stickers

More than 100 stickers are used along with the video. Besides, the FaceU music library offers a diverse, rich background music library for you to choose at your liking. From now on, short videos will be much more interesting.

GIF emoji pack

Now users can create their own GIF emoticon packages with the FaceU app, GIF emojis are widely used in global social networks. The instant display mode helps make the sticker signify on your face and move in a more interesting way.

New feature

Performance improvements and bug fixes.

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