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Facetune is a powerful portrait and selfie photo editor that turns your ordinary selfies into the shimmering images you see on popular magazine covers. Application provided for Android 4.1 and above.

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Remove dark circles around the eyes with a few simple steps on Facetune

Whether a photo is beautiful or not depends on many factors. However, things can change if there is a ” dip ” of technology. That is why the image of characters on the cover of magazines is always the most sparkling and the best. Perhaps you think that advanced Photoshop editing is only done on a computer and by a professional hand.

So now you will have to think again when exposed to Facetune. This is a powerful, professional photo editing tool, turning your portrait photos to a whole new level of art.

Video introducing photo editing application Facetune on Android

For example, users can easily remove facial blemishes such as removing dark circles around the eyes, removing acne, dark spots, reducing face, glitter eyes … and adding natural makeup effects. Even this tool also has the ability to whiten teeth, add lip color, edit smiling more fresh … With Facetune, you will always have a radiant face in the photos. If you only see photos edited with Facetune, perhaps no one believes that it was taken by mobile phones.

Outstanding feature of photo editing application Facetune on Android

Help perfect smile

  • You can adjust the smile more freshly by adjusting the size, shape of the mouth.
  • Use a teeth whitening tool.

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Get rid of all blemishes on your face

Skin beauty

  • Smooth, brighten and rejuvenate your skin.
  • Lighten dark circles under eyes with concealer.
  • Eliminate facial imperfections such as acne and scars.

Create sparkling eyes

  • The eyes are the windows of the soul and the soul of the picture, so pay close attention to make them look beautiful, deep and attractive.
  • Change your eye color.
  • Eliminates red or white eye effects.

Make hair

  • You can turn back time and change hair color.
  • Add hair to areas that are thin or bald.
  • Clean up stray hair.

Adjust the shape of the face

  • Refine the face to slim, shape the shape of the jaw line.
  • Enhance cheekbones and eyebrows.
  • Nose correction high, slim.
  • Zoom in or out a specific area on the picture.
  • Transform any position on the face to create humor or strange.

Makeup for face

  • Apply any fancy color to blush and eyeshadow.
  • Add light weight to the lashes and edit the shape of the eyebrows.
  • Add color to your lips.
  • Add lip tones for the most natural.
  • Create smooth skin with the use of concealer.

Other editing features

  • Choose focus on the face or wherever you want by diverging or blurring the background.
  • Improve lighting or add special effects.
  • Create custom filters.
  • Add unique structure and frame customization.
  • Rotate images.
  • Flip image to create reflection effect like in mirror
  • Add artistic effects to make your photos look impressive and stylish.
  • Edit photos with optional filters, apply to the entire photo or a region on the image.

Sharing is easy

Share photos quickly and directly on social networks or via email to show them to friends and family members.

Simple to use, easy

  • Edit photos with just a few simple touches, compare the edited picture with the original photo.
  • If you do not know how to use, do not worry, the application provides a graphical screen and video instructions for each feature in the application for you to follow.

Facetune is a powerful photo editing tool that few software has, giving you to fine-tune every part of your face to perfection. So what are you waiting for without downloading Facetune to your computer and creating great selfies and portraits today? The application is sold on Google Play for an extremely cheap price, only $ 0.25.

New feature

  • Share photos directly to Facetune.
  • Bug fixes and better support for Android Nougat.

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