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Facejjang, the funniest photo-collage and video-making application from the once stormy face on iTunes, has now been released by manufacturer Sangmin Bang at the Google Play store.

Create funny, fun videos for yourself and your loved ones by stitching photos of you and your friends, editing with Facejjang and “giving” them a unique gift for the Christmas season, Tet holiday this year! Certainly your relatives and friends will be very “satisfied” when they are suddenly participating in the Christmas dance festival (in the Christmas Dance video), the birthday dance (in The Birthday Dance video), stardom in a hit movie and lots of other cool free videos.

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Please update to version 1.59

  • Install the Plug-in application “Plus video vol. 1 ” to receive over 10 videos for free.
  • Fix the error back to the main screen when face transplantation fails, follow these steps:
  • Close unused applications when stitching photos
  • Please select “Clear Memory” and try again (touch Task Manager / RAM / Clear Memory )
  • Video free.

Do you want to be a star? The fastest way is thanks to Facejjang !! All you need is a photo of your best friend (ideally a selfie), cut and stitch your face, retouch and upload Facejjang’s sample video clips. It’s easy to make fun for yourself and those around you! You can also share video clips on Youtube , Facebook , Pinterest , Google+ and other social networks.

Key features of Facejjang funny photo collage app for Android:

  • Upload photos of Facejjang video clips
  • Design your face with wigs, hats, eyeglasses, and more
  • Insert the message into the video
  • Send completed videos to friends or upload to YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, Email, etc.

Please note:

  • The complete footage is more than 10MB. Therefore, please connect where there is Wi-Fi to access
  • If the download is interrupted, it may result in an error in the video
  • Complete videos are automatically stored in MyMovies
  • The application may not work well on older smartphones
  • Note about the error loading application: download interruption may cause an error, please select “Clear Memory” and try again (touch Task Manager / RAM / Clear Memory).
  • Send e-cards to friends and family on mother’s day, father’s day, Christmas, Love, funny actions, imitations, etc.
  • Turn you into an adorable Santa daughter this festive season
  • Turn yourself into a Valentine Girl on Valentine’s day

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Instructions for using Facejjang on Android:

You need a network connection to use Facejjang. Select Setting to set the video quality (high / low).
After downloading and launching the application, you randomly select any 1 video in themes of Christmas dance, happy birthday, etc. Please note, the app only supports more than 10 free videos (the rest have to pay to use ~ $ 1.47 / video). Tap on the video >> Make >> choose a bright and clear photo, preferably unedited by another application >> crop the face photo by moving the red dots around the face >> do the same self with mouth.

In the Face Storage section, click the face icon and choose photos from the album or capture directly with the camera. After selecting the best photo, enlarge the image to fit the guide frame using 2 fingers. Drag the red dot to outline the face to get a perfect face >> Done.

Click on the face you choose and choose the location that appears on the Video. Click on the hat icon to add decorative tools such as hats, beards, glasses, hair >> select Done >> if the network connection takes only 30 seconds to create a 10 MB Video. If Video error occurs during download, select Clear Memory as instructed above. And just select Play to enjoy Video or click Send to send to friends or upload to YouTube and social networks.

Check out the introduction video for Facejjang for Android below:



To install the APK file for Android from, you need to set up a device that can install applications not located on Google Play. To set up this feature you need to go to Settings > Security > in Device Manager , select the Unknown sources ( Allow installation of applications not from Market ).

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