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Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. About half a billion people log in to Facebook 4 times a day and take at least 4 hours to check on friends’ news or chat. Many employers claim that Facebook negatively affects labor productivity. If you are looking for ways to limit the time your employees or children use Facebook, Facebook Blocker is the perfect choice for you. This is a powerful tool, designed to manage computer use and Internet access. Tools to help you increase productivity by preventing non-work-related activities, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instant Messenger, online games, etc.

Detailed reports allow you to view Facebook Blocker activity and the websites and programs used on the computer. Facebook Blocker is the best way to restrict using Facebook on your computer.

Facebook Blocker

Main features of “Facebook Blocker”:

Block Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are social networking sites that can spend a lot of time on employees. These sites will waste time and businesses will have to pay millions of dollars for those wasted hours. With just a few clicks, Myspace, Facebook and related websites can be locked on the computer to prohibit users from accessing those websites. This software will make it easy to avoid significant loss of concessions. Facebook Blocker is protected safely, so even experienced computer users cannot access Facebook, even by means of proxy or anonimizer services.

Monitoring and blocking applications

Facebook Blocker allows you to block specific programs from starting on your computer. Very useful tool for employers who want to block applications that waste time on the computer. Facebook Blocker also records programs used, you can see when applications are opened or closed. You can easily control access to programs installed on your computer with this software.

Monitor and block websites

Facebook Blocker allows you to block access to websites based on the address and content of the web. Using this tool, you can define a list of websites, making web filtering easier for everyone. In addition to blocked websites, Facebook Blocker records all websites visited. This feature works in all Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari browsers. There is a history of sites viewed, allowing you to make sure your filters are working properly.

Block Instant Messenger

Instant Messenger can take a lot of time for employees or children. Facebook Blocker can restrict access to all major Instant Messenger like Windows Live Messenger, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger!

Set up individual users

Restricting access to different users is a big problem. With the ability to identify different access rights on a per-user basis, you won’t have to worry anymore. Facebook Blocker provides a utility that allows login operations, site filtering, application filtering, time control and user-based access. In each additional user account can define site filters, allowing you to adjust access restrictions for each individual.

Remote reporting

Managers do not need to directly manage employees. Facebook Blocker’s remote monitoring feature allows you to view employee activity on the computer with just a click of the email provided by the log file. So even if you’re away from the office, you still know what your employees are doing. Let employees know that management and monitoring can see what’s happening on their computers in real time, even from remote locations, helping businesses improve discipline and increase productivity. .

If you want to limit the time your employees or children use Facebook, use Facebook Blocker today.

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