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Face Swap is a photo editing application from the PIP Camera family, promising to bring you a magical, humorous experience when swapping faces with anyone, from friends, family, superstars or even animals.

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Swap faces with anyone you like with the Face Swap software

Do you want to know if you look like someone else’s face? Curious, isn’t it? Let’s try it now with Face Swap app now!

With Face Swap for Android , you can swap your face with anyone you like in seconds. If you do not like to switch faces with friends, relatives, you can also attach the faces of superstars, cute animals as well.

Besides, this application also contains countless Stick Motion on many topics such as animals, cartoons … Do you want to be a cute cat or a happy clown? Face Swap can make that dream come true. Together with the camera, these adorable stickers will move in with the face, creating authenticity.

The stickers are designed super nice help users can unleash transform themselves into a lovely character or cute pet. You can turn into a dog with fluffy fur with long tongue sticking out, a cute cat with a small, pretty nose. Let’s immerse yourself in the exciting animal world right now with Face Swap’s awesome, varied stickers!

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Many ways to edit funny photos, fun for users to experience

Salient features of Face Swap face swap application

Snap Video – Swap motion

Swap motion gives you real-time face swap experience. Dozens of moving faces are ready, you can exchange with them whenever you want. The application has just added Trump’s hairstyle – the president of the United States, and the animated sticker of Trump’s face.

Snap Stickers – Sets of Stickers

Is this similar to the effect in the famous Everfilter application? Good filters need great stickers to match. Sticker Lab of Snap can meet the needs of different groups of people. No matter how old you are and what your style is, how you name it, this app can meet all needs.

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Integrate the perfect photo collage

Take a photo – Swap faces in a photo

Photo Swap can change your face to other faces in photos. This function has face recognition capability. So if you want to exchange faces directly with someone, just take a picture with them.

Snap Face – Theme Swap

In Theme swap function, you can experience face swapping two and more people. Try the Face Clone feature. Many themes like photo booth, occupation, kids are waiting for you to explore.

Edit photo

Face Swap possesses powerful image editing functions. Sticker, Filter, Text, Mosaic, Slim, Frame and Edit … Definitely these are features that photo editing lovers never want to miss.

Classic photo collage

The Classic Collage feature includes lots of collage styles. There are countless different collage models in the Face Swap photo collage function. You can get customized pictures with different styles.

Snap filter

Various video filters provide you with photos and videos with a variety of styles. Lots of animated stickers for extra interesting photos.

Share quickly

You can share your photos and videos quickly on Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms.

New feature

Improve stability for the application.

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