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Extraordinary Ones for Android is a new Anime- style MOBA game from the cult developer NetEase . The game is based on the popular animated film Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia), which is set in a school and has a school atmosphere.

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Despite the same mechanism, Extraordinary Ones has a different gameplay, unlike many other MOBA games like Mobile Legends: Adventure , MARVEL Super War , Heroes Legend or Onmyoji Arena . This is a unique action game in which heroes and items can be “awakened” to gain greater power after a certain level.

Similar to monsters and minions, your character can even combine with other creatures to unlock many new skills. In addition, Extraordinary Ones for Android also offers players more than 56 diverse heroes. You can log in the game daily, collect diamond rewards to buy new heroes.

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Outstanding feature of the game Extraordinary Ones for Android

5v5 classic arena

Team up with friends. Play as gunner, mage, tank, gladiator, assistant or assassin – 6 characters own unique skills, combined with carefully prepared curriculum, you will become a brother top hero! Experiment with different styles, train powerful skills to crush your enemies in a real-time 5v5 battle. Show off your super talents in Extraordinary Ones !

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More than 56 legendary heroes

Master a lineup of more than 56 heroes that combine Eastern myth and modern art. Goddess Chang’e with a rabbit always with her, Muqam boy owns a wonderful motorbike and a magic suitcase, Mr. Arthur with silver hair always wear white, … And also Lots of awesome heroes with unique super powers are waiting for you to collect!

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Mode wakes up immortal heroes

After reaching level 12, each hero will be awakened with special skills and items, making them easy to master the arena. Therefore, from the second half onwards, the awakening system in Extraordinary Ones Android will become the key system in the game. All heroes are provided with specialized awakening equipment, both monsters and minions will also benefit from this state. Have you been scared yet? Defeat opponents with your superior skills and become a legend of the arena.

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Large world map with top notch Anime style graphic background

The Extraordinary Ones Academy is designed in a beautiful Japanese style with a library, a basketball court simulated vividly. Let’s defeat the monster here! In addition the game also contains another interesting surprise – monsters after being tamed can support tower attacks or as mounts. Kill creatures along the river to open treasure chests and get limited items like rotten eggs, tamed hammers, … to punish wild animals.

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Intimate system

Build a closer relationship with your hero through the Hero Intimacy system. Players have the right to choose a favorite character as the Homepage Hero, and interact with him or her by sending them a gift. In addition, you can conduct battles, interact to increase intimacy, unlock new skins, new facial expressions … and many other fascinating activities to increase the closeness to the hero. .

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Nearly 50 famous Japanese voice actors

Game Extraordinary Ones for Android has the participation of many famous Japanese voice actors, such as stars Toyosaki Aki, Takehito Koyasu, Konishi Katsuyuki, Natsuki Hanae, Uesaka Sumire, Mamiko Noto, Horie Yui, … – Help bring a unique character to each character. Sweet, cute, or mettle – you’ll find your ideal hero right from the first hearing. In addition, the game will have some characters that will be voiced in a funny cartoon style, bringing the best experience to the player.

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