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EXORUN for Android is a simulation game of the famous EXO group from the land of kimchi with endless running style combined with a treasure of interesting costumes and upgrades. Let’s enter the playground and adventure with the idol right away.

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EXORUN gaming interface on Android

EXO is currently one of the most popular idol groups in the entertainment industry today with a huge fan base. Before the launch of the EXORUN game on both Android and iOS platforms, EXO fans were excited and waiting to experience the whole new playground created by SM Entertainment itself.

EXORUN for Android is an endless playground that takes real team members as virtual members in the game with extremely cute chibi shapes with character lines, super stylish costume system, many game modes And exciting rewards await players in the next round. Let’s explore together.

Download EXORUN for Android .APK 2
Overcoming challenges in the game

Video introduction game EXORUN on Android

Outstanding feature of the game EXORUN on Android

  • Enter the exciting and exciting game world with EXO’s official chibi characters.
  • Many diverse game modes including Stage Mode, Ranking Mode and Gold Dungeon.
  • The first game uses a variety of costumes.
  • Collect exclusive pets with the EXO poster collection.

The reason you should play EXORUN game experience on Android

Cute 3D characters

  • You can meet the official EXO chibi characters in the game.
  • You will be able to see EXO’s very cute actions and dances.

Ranking mode

  • Compete with other players around the world in races.
  • When you update characters and pets, you can go further.
  • Use treasures as needed to win high scores.

Stage mode

  • Kai, Chanyeol. Xiumin, Sehun, Suho, Chen, Beakhyun, Lay, DO
  • View an advertisement introducing 9 members of EXO in the game.
  • Complete multiple stages and receive great rewards.

Download EXORUN for Android .APK 3
Discover the dramatic rounds in the game

Costume system

  • Try out different costumes for your character.
  • Casual clothes, stage costumes and fashion accessories.
  • Costumes will also upgrade the abilities of your character.
  • Stylish make up for your character using different outfits.

Download EXORUN for Android .APK 4
System items and costumes in the game

Poster collection

  • Collect all posters of EXO members to win an exclusive pet.
  • Get rewarded for combining your exclusive pet and EXO’s super powers.

Important note

EXORUN is having trouble downloading the game, please perform the following steps:

  1. Download the game and install or update the game on the device.
  2. Restart the game a few times.
  3. If you cannot update the game, please reboot the device.

Download EXORUN for Android .APK 5
Along enter the challenging game rounds in the game

Are you ready to go all out on this adventure with your idol EXO? Quickly download the game to your computer, follow the instructions and experience a vibrant game space with posters, music and favorite characters. Let’s meet an idol.

Cao Thanh Nhan

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