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In the game Evil Nun for Android 1.6.2, an evil nun locked you in an abandoned school. You must find the school’s mystery and escape before it’s too late.

Warning : Evil Nun is a game with many horror scenes, not suitable for young children, people with weak heart or some other pathology.

Download Evil Nun for Android .APK 1
Run away from the evil nun at the haunted school in the game Evil Nun

“ The Nun ” is a thriller that is stirring the box office in Vietnam, continuously breaking many sales records in the opening days. The movie is about the devil Valak disguised as a nun, creating countless fear for viewers.

Evil Nun is a horror game built on this naughty character. However, the gameplay of the game does not follow the story of the movie but is quite similar to Granny Granny .

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The game has many scary and creepy images

Download the evil Nun ghost game for Android

In this playground, for some reason, you get lost in a haunted school where the evil spirits are kept. Right now, find a way to escape this school before she finds out and deals a fatal blow. However, the escape was not easy.

Join the game, you play in the first view extremely realistic. Super smooth game control helps players move easily, especially running really fast in the face of the evil nun.

Download Evil Nun for Android .APK 3
Discover the secret and solve the puzzle screen to escape

The mission of the player in the horror game Evil Nun

  • In the journey of escaping from the ghost school, remember, nuns have ears that are very audible and can hear any slight noise. Be careful not to attract her attention, or use this to distract.
  • Take advantage of tables, cabinets, documents … to hide, avoid being discovered by nun.
  • Find out how to run away from school by solving puzzles and quests. Search through the drawers to get the necessary items, help you in the process of fleeing.
  • The school is extremely large, with lots of paths, nooks and rooms for you to explore, but beware of getting lost.

Download Evil Nun for Android .APK 4
The large school has many rooms, every corner

If you’re looking for a game to challenge your courage, download and play the free Evil Nun game now. Journey out of this haunted school is full of fear and will definitely make you startled, raising the hair on the neck many times.

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