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These days, mobile users are “crazy” with a new photo editing application called Everfilter for Android. So what makes this fever? Ever filter brings to Android users photo filters with unique Japanese animation style, turning ordinary photos into paintings with vibrant, fancy and impressive colors.

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Everfilter has an intuitive interface and easy to use

Everfilter is a photo editing tool that turns photos into a work of art as hand-drawn with smooth lines and subtle color blends. The application is provided for free on Android 4.0.3 and up.

Similar to photo editing software like Prisma or Painnt , Everfilter is an extremely simple new application that allows you to turn photos into art drawings .

However, unlike most photo editing apps that offer dozens to hundreds of photo filters that allow users to convert photos in different styles, Everfilter has only one option.

After opening the application, select an image from your device library and upload it. Everfilter will load and produce a drawing based on the original image. Users only have one option to change is to touch the moon icon at the bottom of the screen to create night effects. You can refer to the manual of Everfilter here .

Everfilter is best suited for outdoor portraits or landscape shots. With a special filter, users will feel the works created by Everfilter are identical to the hand-painted masterpieces of talented artist Makoto Shinkai of Japan.

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Use one-touch operation to apply unique painting effects on photos

The weakness of Everfilter is that it is not suitable for indoor photos because the application automatically recognizes and creates cloud images in places that are white or overexposed, making the image unusable. In some other images, when the main subject is too far away and too small, in the sketch picture created by Everfilter, they may be partially obscured or faint.

However, in return because of its simple design, Everfilter is easy to use and suitable for those who are not tech-savvy. In many cases, the photos that this software creates are extremely beautiful and unique. You can also share photos directly via Facebook , Twitter , Instagram … to show off to your friends or save to your computer library.

Everfilter is a highly ranked photography app in 2 countries, China and Japan, with more than 60 million photos uploaded every day. Download Everfilter immediately to your computer and turn those memorable moments into great works of art.

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Quick photo editing on Everfilter and sharing on social networks

Salient features of Everfilter on Android

  • Art filters that turn photos into paintings.
  • Choose the night effect to make the photo more mysterious and deep.
  • Share quickly on social networking sites or save to your computer.
  • Gorgeous visual effects.

New feature

  • Add new filter.
  • Fix technical errors.
  • Improve the speed.

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