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Eternal Return for Android is a role-playing game that combines unique new tactics on Google Play . With beautiful graphics system and interesting gameplay, the game promises to bring many great entertainment moments for all gamers.

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The plot of Eternal Return for Android

The story of Eternal Return will lead you into a fantasy world in ancient Japan, where the Moon King is mysteriously planning to defeat the Sun Queen and rescue a prince.

On this journey, players will have to fight crazy monsters in the Sunflower Forest, home to many crazy animals, aggressive ghosts, dinosaurs and even giant dragons. After that, you will encounter the magician Yokai and the Yurei minions from hell.

Find a way to throw monsters back to the abyss, overcome many threats, search the Church to return eternity to the world.

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Download Eternal Return game for Android

Eternal Return is a turn-based RPG game with simple mechanics: just choose an attack and set your target. Then move, plunge into battle, and collect rewards after winning, all with just a few taps on the screen.

Eternal Return for Android stands out from other SRPG games such as Guardian Knights , First Summoner , Night Zero: Mistiltein , … thanks to detailed illustrations. The game takes you into an epic story based on Norse and Japanese myths, with the ultimate goal of finding the Cathedral and fulfilling the hero’s mission. On this journey, you will encounter a lot of dangerous forces, fighting against many monsters and final bosses, such as King Yokai and his minions Yurei, Forest King or Queen of the Sun.

Eternal Return Android is a strategy game that is free to download and has no content or items that must be purchased with real money. It all depends on your ability and effort to unlock the strongest weapons, as well as the most dangerous magic by collecting chests and cards. There is no endurance limit or energy for your strength. Buying items is an optional feature and is only useful when you want to complete your collection faster, but this will not help complete the adventure sooner.

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Use the power of cute Kami monsters to assist you in battle

Strategy is a very important factor when it comes to battles in the Eternal Return . Attacks are divided into three groups: weapons, spells and special attacks from pet Kami. The game also offers turn-based battles. Therefore, you will need to choose the right weapons, analyze the enemy’s weaknesses as well as their position in the arena to choose the most effective tactics.

Outstanding feature of the game Eternal Return for Android

Developed into a mighty warrior

In Eternal Return for Android , players will find a collection of weapons divided into many categories such as swords, axes and spears, each with their own power. In addition, you will find many traditional Japanese weapons from the Samura period, such as the Naginata spear and the Soderagami stick.

Become a powerful witch

Magic can add strength to attacks and serve a variety of purposes, such as healing and increasing your defenses. Through the collection of cards, there will be many spells that you can own and upgrade. When promoted, the player’s magical power will increase, allowing you to use spells such as earthquakes, blizzards, lightning, supernovas or big explosions.

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Game Eternal Return takes you into an epic story based on Japanese mythology

Collect magic creatures

Gamers can use the power of cute Kami monsters to support themselves in battle. Kami are the elemental spirits of nature that you can collect, then train and help them learn the strongest magic tricks. Kami’s attacks are a bit different from other skills: they can be distributed on the battlefield in various forms. This makes the Kami pet training very important, playing an essential role to win in the SRPG battles.

Open the chest and steal the gold

In the process of exploring dungeons in Eternal Return Android , you’ll find lots of chests filled with gold, gems, crystals and cards. Use them to improve your character’s skills and gain new magic, weapons and powers.

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