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Eternal Night for Android is a free strategy game from ZLOONG – who created the epic role-playing game King of Kings . With a combination of Roguelike elements and dark style fairy tales, the game promises to bring unforgettable adventures!

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Create a unique deck of cards, train your skills, fight the bizarre creatures and discover the truth about the cursed forest!

Go on an adventure through the mysterious stories of Eternal Night , when the eternal night is coming and the fairy world falls into ruin. The characters of the fairy tale are forced to embark on a journey to explore the cursed forest filled with monstrous monsters and bizarre events to save their own world.

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Eternal Night for Android brings together many characters from famous fairy tales for players to choose into their decks, such as Cinderella (Cinderella), puss in Boots (Puss in Boots), cowardly lions Cowardly Lion and Prince Charming (Prince Charming) Look into the scabbard and arrange the army of heroes – an exciting adventure full of surprises awaits you to discover in the game Eternal Night !

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Outstanding features of the game Eternal Night for Android

Build an ultimate deck of cards

Choose hero cards wisely and create your unique deck of cards in Eternal Night Android ! Discover over 400 cards to add to your army while exploring the cursed forest. Combine cards together to effectively destroy enemies and fight against strange creatures!

Collect legendary guards

Discover and collect hundreds of awesome guards on your journey. Train the guards to help them become stronger and help you conquer the mysterious creatures more easily.

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Fight for glory

Eternal Night game provides a real-time arena for all players from around the world! When you’re ready, just step in there and look for a fast-paced battle. Improve your skills and challenge other gamers around the world for a chance to win great prizes!

An ever-changing forest

Eternal Night for Android is a strategy game with randomly generated paths. Therefore, every time you start a new journey to the cursed forest, your route will change. Please consider carefully before you make any choices. Choosing a safe or risky path will determine what you face coming up in Eternal Night , which can be different cards, different items, different enemies and even different endings. .

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Strategy is the most important factor

In Eternal Night Android has more than 200 bizarre creatures and tough bosses. But no matter how hard they are, just use your intellect to find the fastest way to defeat them. Build an ultimate deck of cards, search for powerful items, weapons, and potions throughout the journey.

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Are you ready for this mysterious adventure? Only the bravest people can survive in the game CCG Eternal Night for Android ! Prepare yourself and plunge into darkness now!

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