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Enlight Pixaloop for Android is a photo editing utility application from the developer Lightricks, where you can insert cinematic artistic effects into photos on your phone.

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Like PicsArt Animator , Cinemagraph , Motion Stills or Gif Maker – Gif Editor , the Enlight Pixaloop animation app is designed to make each of your photos more vivid. This app will help users to create stunning animations and videos, to surprise anyone, from friends to your Instagram followers.

And above all, this is a free editing application. The Pixaloop app allows you to easily edit photos with powerful, accurate and easy-to-use tools. With just a few taps, users can add effects to images to make it more vivid, such as creating boomerang effect images.

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Bring your favorite photos to life with Enlight Pixaloop for Android app

Download the Enlight Pixaloop application for Android

Turn still photos into motion pictures with just a few taps , from a flaming fire to a majestic waterfall, the possibilities for creativity are endless with the Enlight Pixaloop app for Android ! The main purpose of the application is to effect the still images and turn them into short, repetitive videos.

To start using the effects in the app, you must first add the image to the editor. Then choose one of the available filters. If you want to animate the image, you have to mark a certain number of points on the image. This way, the new application can determine which area to insert dynamic effects into.

Use arrows to insert movements, choose speed and control it with dashed lines. In addition, the automatic mapping tool of the app makes it easier than ever to identify and control the entire area.

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With the Enlight Pixaloop app, it only takes a few seconds to add awesome dynamic effects to your photos

Salient features of Enlight Pixaloop application for Android

Turn still images into motion pictures

  • Bring your photos to life with just a few touches and swipe of the screen.
  • The arrow will show the direction of movement of the object in the image.
  • Place dashed lines on the area where the effect is to be inserted.
  • Keep the other parts of the image as is with the Freeze Brush.

Create sky animations

  • Replace the bland sky background with colorful sunsets and moving clouds.
  • Choose from a variety of Sky animations like Time-lapse.
  • Easily insert the results you want into photos with the Android Enlight Pixaloop photo editor .

Add animation to photos with overlay

  • Insert funny overlay into still images to express your mood, emotions.
  • See popular Instagram themes for Stories and Feeds.
  • Add weather theme overlay, glitter effects and more to photos.
  • Create motion effects like in the movies, helping your stories come to life.

Insert video effects into photos

  • Control photo movement, including speed, direction and type.
  • Distort perspective with a variety of effects.
  • Find all kinds of effects you need in Pixaloop photo editor for Android .

Animation editing

  • Make all the necessary adjustments with Enlight Pixaloop Android .
  • Edit and add animated effects to photos to create great works.
  • Help your photos come alive.

Learn how to create animations right on your Android device

  • Enlight Pixaloop app will help any element in the image come to life: hair, waves, clouds, clothes, …
  • Boost your imagination with the premium and easy-to-use tools of the Pixaloop app .
  • Create impressive works of art for media, social, business, or personal branding purposes.

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