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Enchanted Cavern 2 – Discover the mythical cave

The fable of Enchanted Cavern has been word of mouth for centuries, from generation to generation. From old, young, big and young, they have all heard the story of a cave filled with gems and sparkling jewels … Many people have set out to find that mythical cave, but no one has returned yet. But now, the secrets of the cave are ready to be revealed.

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Each level of the game is charmingly combined, the player must remove a group of gems of the same color by clicking to overcome obstacles and can move to the next level. Overcoming the levels will be a challenge for you and the biggest challenge is to complete each level of the game in the allotted time. But do not worry, explosive bombs will be very useful because they can help you to break the stones around.

With vivid graphics, engaging music and three game modes Enchanted Cavern 2 will bring joy to your whole family.

Download Enchanted Cavern 2 2

The main features of the game:

– 110 levels.

– There are 3 game modes.

– 4 types of rewards.

– 7 Chapters.

– 21 titles.


– CPU: 1.5 GHz

– Ram: 512MB or more

– Video Card: 128MB and above.

– DirectX: 8.0

You can refer to how to play in the following video:

Le Tuyet

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