Download Empire War: Black Ops for Android .APK

Warface: Black Ops for Android is a fascinating and free shooting game on Android devices.

A top-notch graphics shooter for Android has arrived. In the flames of war burning in this world, build one of your own kingdoms in Warface.

Warface: Black Ops possesses high-quality and outstanding graphics, is the most attractive fighting game series in Android Market.

The territory you rule is under attack. Keep your weapons firmly on hand to defend your base, fight against powerful enemies, and survive the one-on-one battle. Go ahead and lead your army to victory!

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Attractive features of the game Warface: Black Ops:

  • Online multiplayer war game (MMO).
  • Fight with other direct players.
  • Free update new tasks, units, works …
  • Every corner of the world war.
  • Become the world’s hegemony in the war with your empire.
  • Excellent visual effects and animations.
  • Choose to fight with one of 6 countries: USA, Russia, England, Germany, China and Japan.
  • More than 100 powerful air, navy and land troops units.
  • Expand your army with the most powerful air, navy and land units.
  • Support your expanded army by building a solid army base.
  • Ally with other players to become stronger.
  • Experience beautiful graphics.
  • Perform a multitude of dangerous missions.
  • Get real time updates.
  • Comment on other players.
  • Send a message to other players.
  • Build a strong army.
  • Enjoy a profound story.
  • And many other attractive features.

Note: This is an online game.

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