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El Sello Magico: The False Heiress

In a magical world full of magic and magic, you’ll have to confront the dark forces and uncover the mysteries in this game, all in El Sello Magico The False Heiress. In the game, you will be a hidden player and use the power of the sealing magic to help the occupants of Dracula Castle.In this magical world, there is a dark power that dominates the world. world, and intended to dominate the world … At Maida Castle, the only heir of the castle was looked upon by the dark forces. You will have to use the sealing magic power to protect him. Can you do that? You will decide that answer.In the arduous journey in the world of El Sello Magico, you will have to use legendary treasures to chant magical spells that will help you. However, you must collect ancient treasures, discover the mysteries to save Maida and the world from the dark forces.

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In this game, there are many interesting things such as winning unique rewards and opening up additional bonuses of the game. It is very interesting, isn’t it … The game is in match-3 genre. That makes it even more interesting when Not only that, but the beautiful graphics of the game is undeniable that the game has a beautiful image that is unique. The colorful diamonds create a shimmering beauty. The fantasy makes the player feel like they are in the magic world … The icons, the glowing borders also create a unique game. And with the presence of the sound more attractive The fanciful music is hard to describe, and the sound comes from the diamond when the player pieced together. A fanciful sparkling sound makes the player want to explore more.

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– Awesome Play Game
– Interesting magical world
– Discover many unknown mysteries
– Attractive gameplay, unique storyline.

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