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El Dorado Quest

Coming to El Dorado Quest (EDQ), you will join an adventure with two friends Bob and Jane on a journey through the mysterious Amazon forest to rediscover the ancient Incan civilization. Of course, it’s also looking for the huge treasure hidden deep inside.

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Like other puzzle games, you will have to combine smoothly between hands and eyes quickly to arrange gems in a horizontal, vertical row of at least 3 or more to open all the squares. application in each game screen.

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Once you have opened all the boxes, you will have hidden puzzle pieces and put them together to form talismans. Gathering all 7 sacred charms in the hand also means that the key to the mysterious city is in hand.

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However, finding the pieces is not as easy as you think because each game screen has different structures with countless obstacles making moving the jewels become extremely difficult. Not to mention the increasing time pressure at high levels. In total, EDQ has 65 levels, a road that is not easy to cross.

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