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Eclipse Isle for Android is an Anime- style survival game from the developer NetEase Games , combining Battle Royale gameplay and MOBA elements, promising to bring you a unique and novel gaming experience.

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Eclipse Isle is a multiplayer online action game, your goal is to survive a dramatic battle with up to 59 other opponents. As a Battle Royale game, Eclipse Isle has gameplay that is more similar to Fortnite than PUBG Mobile , because the graphics are drawn in the Anime style. In addition, the game’s control system is similar to other MOBA games such as League of Legends , Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang .

The gameplay of Eclipse Isle game for Android

Basically, every match in Eclipse Isle for Android uses the same gameplay, not too different from the traditional Battle Royale games. Your mission is to collect as many equipment and weapons as possible so you can survive the onslaught from the other 60 players you are seeking to destroy. Fight for your own survival.

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And as time begins to run out, you will find that some areas of the island will gradually be ravaged by a mysterious and deadly mist. If you inhale too much, it will begin to lower your strength index. Unlike other similar games of this genre, in each round, the locations on the island will begin to shrink after a certain time.

Not only must you be very careful to avoid the opponent, you must also keep an eye on the wandering monsters that are ready to attack as soon as you enter their sight. Destroy these giant creatures to upgrade your skills and use diverse items to create new, more useful tools.

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Highlights of the game Eclipse Isle for Android

Gamers can choose from a variety of unique characters to participate in a game of 60 players. Like most survival games, you will “land” on a massive map location, search for loot and hunt other players to become the last survivor. Some character items or skills allow you to track other players, summon a loot box, or even disguise itself as a tree.

As a 3D-style survival game, Eclipse Isle for Android will bring you a completely new gaming experience. That means, unlike most Battle Royale games that use guns as weapons, the Eclipse Isle game focuses more on each character’s skills. Each hero in the game possesses a unique skill, for example, the character Flutter is an assassin capable of moving extremely fast, Lily has a skilled combat skill, … So you will need to scratch. devise your own strategy to stand a chance to win and compete in the arena.

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The whole gameplay of Eclipse Is le Android is quite similar to the Battle Royale games, from waiting rooms, maps, flying to the sky, landing, searching for weapons, … But the difference of this game compared to most The other survival game is equipped.

Because there is no weapon, players need to search for Skill Stone. After exploiting them, you will receive some skills that can be used in battle. Eclipse Isle also provides equipment classified into many categories such as clothing, accessories, armor, … to increase your power in many different ways. In addition, the Eclipse Isle game also has a monster farm and a unique level system, which enhances your attack power, strength, armor and skills when leveling up.

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The main feature of the game Eclipse Isle for Android

Master your hero, survive every challenge

Eclipse Isle for Android offers many heroes with unique skills and powers. Choose your favorite character to join the fight for survival.

Develop unique skills, fight against enemies

Unleash special skills during the Battle Royale battle. Every decision you make can help reverse the situation and make you the last to stand on the ring.

Explore the island, using diverse strategies

Experience the four seasons of constant change through dramatic battles in the vast world of Eclipse Isle for Android . Collect, disguise, stealth, track and even cook! A lot of different strategies are waiting for you to explore on the island!

Equip yourself with items and weapons

A lot of equipment and supplies are waiting to be collected in the Eclipse Isle world. Equestrian will give players more battle experience. You can also use the bow and arrow to shoot down your enemies.

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Are you ready to embark on a dramatic and fierce survival battle in Eclipse Isle for Android ? Download the game to your computer via the Download button above and enjoy the intense confrontation right away!

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