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EagleGet is a high-speed download accelerator software, allowing users to download a wide range of text, video and audio formats from various sources easily, safely and quickly. EagleGet is fully compatible with HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS and RTSP protocols.

Download EagleGet for Windows 1Download EagleGet – Support high-speed download completely free.

EagleGet is free software but features not inferior to some paid software such as Internet Download Manager . EagleGet does not limit the number of simultaneous tasks and uses multi-threaded tools to accelerate downloading files into sections, then converting them all at once. You will not encounter any problems when downloading MP3s or applications, EagleGet will take advantage of your high speed network.

Moreover, in this latest version of EagleGet adds a number of new features, as well as a lot of bug fixes, helping to catch links on some websites more accurately. EagleGet does not limit the number of files downloaded at the same time, using multi-threaded tools to accelerate the download, the files are divided into many parts so the download speed is significantly improved. So now, you can freely download your favorite movies to enjoy without worrying about the download speed again!

The main feature of the application is download EagleGet

Download EagleGet for Windows 2

Great download acceleration

EagleGet uses advanced multi-threaded download technology to accelerate downloads by splitting the file into sections, and then increasing the download speed up to 6 times.

Download EagleGet for Windows 3

Smart download scheduling and management

EagleGet gives you full download control. You can schedule multiple download sessions, sort by criteria, limit download speed, even eliminate unnecessary downloads.

Download EagleGet for Windows 4

Automatically refresh expired download addresses

EagleGet can automatically update expired download URLs without rebooting from scratch, saving you time and effort. It is worth mentioning that EagleGet is the first download manager software to support this feature.

Download EagleGet for Windows 5

Supports all popular browsers

EagleGet supports all popular web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE. No matter which browser you are using, you can always enjoy unlimited maximum download speeds.

Download EagleGet for Windows 6

Flexible notification configuration and silent mode (Silent Mode)

EagleGet provides many ways to receive download file notifications. This Silent Mode feature can temporarily turn off all notifications so you can enjoy apps or play PC games in full screen mode.

Download EagleGet for Windows 7

Automatically checks for malware and verifies file integrity

EagleGet cares about your security. This automated malware testing software runs anti-virus software to scan downloaded files. ChecksumMD5 / SHA1 authentication ensures that the downloaded file remains the same as it was originally.

Download EagleGet for Windows 8

Customizable user interface

EagleGet allows you to customize the interface as you like. You can choose your favorite color and background image for EagleGet, making this downloadable software more intuitive and attractive.

Update to the latest EagleGet


  • Optimize the EG extension for Chrome .
  • Optimize logic for duplicate downloads.
  • Optimize UI experience when downloading media.
  • Minor improvements and other bug fixes.
  • Upgrade media downloader.


  • Fix Chrome extension error for YouTube.
  • Upgrade media downloader.
  • Improved media sniffer.
  • Other minor bug fixes.


  • Fix slow download speed error.
  • Fix Chrome extension exception error.
  • Other minor bug fixes.
Download EagleGet for Windows 9


  • Improve BT download speed.
  • Fix Chrome extension pop-up dialog box error.
  • Optimize software startup speed.
  • Other minor bug fixes.


  • Fix error of not remembering the latest download catalog.
  • Fixed a bug where the Magnet bittorrent URL could not load.
  • Resolve expired signature issues.
  • Fix crash error in the latest version.
  • Fix some other small errors.

EagleGet 2.0


  • Improved user interface for DPI resolution.
  • Improved extensions for Chrome and Firefox .
  • Optimize the link download batch.
  • Optimize data transfer tool to download speed is faster.
  • Optimized user interface for several types of languages.
  • Embed YouTube or Facebook videos.
  • Catalog management and file download timer feature (whichever file is first downloaded, which file is downloaded first).
  • Import a series of download links from the clipboard.

New feature:

  • Additional link capture mode via Win + Insert key.
  • Additional Korean language pack.
  • Additional task list search function.
  • Customize notification sound.
  • Customize EagleGet to be compatible with different DPI.
  • Set up Import / Export feature.


  • Unable to download files via shortcut Alt + Ctrl.
  • Unable to download files from some websites.
  • The file extension is incorrect when trying to download links from some websites.
  • Unable to automatically install the EagleGet extension on Firefox.
  • Fix errors related to the clipboard.
  • Fix some other small errors.

Download EagleGet for Windows 10Download EagleGet – free software to download files

EagleGet not only provides you with high download speed, rich functionality, but also completely free and without any additional conditions. No feature or time limits, containing no spyware or malware.

With EagleGet ‘s intuitive interface, you can add and manage download tasks easily. The left navigation panel allows you to easily filter out the required files. For the error task in the download queue, you can move the mouse over the “i” icon for more details. Additionally, you can find frequently used functions from the right-clicking menu.

Download EagleGet for Windows 11

EagleGet can be integrated into Chrome, IE and Firefox browsers. Simply click on the download link in a browser (or select ” Download with EagleGet ” in the right-clicking menu), and then EagleGet will automatically during the entire download process.

Download EagleGet for Windows 12

To download YouTube or other online videos, simply point to the video player and click ” Download ” button, the video will be downloaded directly to your hard disk. No matter what browser you are using, you can enjoy the maximum download speed without any restrictions.

Download EagleGet for Windows 13

During the download process, you can access the tasks on the running task immediately using the floating window. Double click on a file name, then EagleGet will show you the tasks in the download queue.

Download EagleGet for Windows 14

After the download is complete, EagleGet will display a pop-up as well as play a sound to notify you. You can also open the downloaded file immediately, or go to the corresponding folder.

Download EagleGet for Windows 15


System requirements

  • RAM 64 MB.
  • Hard drive space: 6 MB.
  • Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
  • Chrome browser, FireFox, Opera, IE 8 and above.

Instructions for downloading YouTube videos with EagleGet

Step 1: After the installation is complete, you will see an eagle icon appear below the system tray and the browser starts, asking the user to activate the extension as shown below:

Download EagleGet for Windows 16

Step 2: Because EagleGet does not have the option to download YouTube videos when you right-click (or drag in the corner of the video like IDM), open EagleGet window, select Media Grabber as shown below:

Download EagleGet for Windows 17

Step 3: Media Grabber window appears allowing you to choose:

  • 1: Paste the link of the YouTube video to download.
  • 2: Click the Search button to make EagleGet correctly identify the video.
  • 3: Select a folder to store video files as you like.
  • 4: Click the Download button to start downloading.

Download EagleGet for Windows 18

Step 4: Download process is happening, you can easily see a small window displayed on the right corner of the screen, informing the average download speed, the number of files. The main window will display more specific information: video name, file format …

Download EagleGet for Windows 19

The images above are taken from the latest version of EagleGet Beta , but for those who are using the Stable version, it is a little different. More specific:

Download EagleGet for Windows 20

Download YouTube video at Video Sniffer instead of Media Grabber above.

How to download is no different, paste the YouTube video link into the Address box , then press the arrow-shaped key to be:

Download EagleGet for Windows 21

Official Download link:

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