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Dunk Line for Android is a fun action game from the developer Ketchapp . Draw the ball in the right direction, avoid the bombs and get into the basket to score!

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Ketchapp is a famous developer who created a lot of addictive fun games , among them are 2048 , Stack , Knife Hit , Mr Gun , Dunk Shot and Stick Hero . Thanks to the chain effect from the continued success of these outstanding apps, it’s no surprise that Dunk Line , its new arcade game released early last year, topped the game rankings. Free on Google Play just a few days after launch.

Dunk Line for Android is an extremely interesting action game. There will be one or more balls appearing and bouncing continuously on the screen, your task is to draw a line (straight, horizontal, curved or oblique) on the screen for the basketball to bounce, roll along or bounce on one. The basket always changes position. The game will constantly create more bombs, obstacles, line limits and levels will get harder and harder as you get higher scores. This is also one of the reasons Dunk Line Android quickly became addictive.

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Your task in Dunk Line for Android is to line the ball so that the ball can fall properly into the basket

Download Dunk Line game for Android

The gameplay of Dunk Line for Android has been carefully considered by the development team. As you progress, the game screen becomes more and more difficult, stimulating the spirit of conquest of gamers, making you always want to play another level. This game can be so addictive that, every time you pick up the phone, it will take you at least ten minutes just to play Dunk Line .

While playing the game, you will also learn a lot of new knowledge and not even realize that you are looking to apply physical and geometric mechanisms to put the basketball in the basket. Currently Dunk Line game for Android has an update that allows custom colors and items. You can change the background of day to night, basketball to other objects or change the line color. However, to unlock new items, players will need to earn gems by putting the ball bouncing in the basket – another reason to make you play Dunk Line over and over again.

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Dunk Line Android will continually create more bombs and obstacles as you achieve higher scores

Dunk Line Android is really a very attractive game with easy-to-play gameplay, but not easy to master. Download the game right away to your computer, apply your thinking skills as well as your physical knowledge to overcome the fun levels!

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