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DU Recorder for Android is a free, stable and high-quality screen recording software on Android smartphones and tablets. DU Recorder helps you record smooth and clear mobile device screens with the touch of your fingers.

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Video recording and 1-tap Android screen capture with DU Recorder

With a lot of features and no root required, DU Recorder for Android is a simple way to record screen videos when you need to record gaming, video calls, streaming content or instructions on doing so. phone screen. With DU Recorder, capturing mobile screen videos becomes simpler and easier than ever.

DU Recorder – convenient screen recording tool

  • Screen recording application is completely free, does not contain paid content packages.
  • Compact application with less than 3MB capacity.
  • Does not contain annoying ads, does not insert watermark into output video, does not need root device, unlimited video recording time.
  • High quality video recording with 1080p, 12Mbps, 60FPS resolution.

The main feature of DU Recorder on Android

Record Android screen video

DU Recorder for Android enables stable and smooth video recording . You can record your impressive gaming screen, video call between family members or with friends, record streaming video streams from Twitch or Periscope … DU Recorder integrates many free features such as :

  • Can choose multiple resolutions, multiple frame rates and playback rates. Has support for high quality HD video output.
  • There is a button to pause and resume video recording.
  • Video recording support with the secondary camera on the front of the screen.
  • Video recording with external audio
  • Control video recording on floating window or notification center. You can hide the control window to record video in full screen.
  • Display buttons for operation during recording.
  • Can edit videos with collage tool.

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Take screenshots and edit H3 photos

In addition to video screen recording, DU Recorder for Android also integrates screen capture feature with one-touch operation . You can handle with one hand instead of having to use two hands to hold and hold as if working on physical keys. DU Recorder allows to take screenshots very quickly and easily. After that, you can share photos with friends or use photo editing tools in DU Recorder to cut and stitch them together.

  • Use the notification center or floating window to take a one-screen screenshot.
  • Can combine multiple photos into one frame to share simultaneously.
  • Blur out areas of the image you do not want to display.
  • Cropping the image to get an important part.

Download DU Recorder for Android APK 5
Take screenshots and edit photos in DU Recorder

Check and share videos

  • Easily replay the newly watched video on floating window or in the notification center.
  • Share videos on social networking sites and other sharing services. Share videos with friends via message, Email.
  • Edit video titles on the DU Recorder page for better management.

Any questions, bugs or new feature suggestions for DU Recorder will be supported via Email [email protected] .

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