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Dragons World allow players to nurture their own dragons. This is a classic adventure strategy game that takes players into the fantasy world with the appearance of many dragons capable of fighting well.

Download Dragons World for Windows 1 Discover new islands

Released for mobile devices and personal computers running Windows 10 operating system, Dragons World has many similar characteristics to the game Dragon Mania Legends but the breeding of dragons is much more interesting. This Windows 10 game includes more than 300 species of dragons for players to explore, in which each species possesses special abilities. 3D graphics of the new computer adventure game Dragons World includes many beautiful details in a fictional space that helps dragons to fly freely. The gameplay of Dragons World is a bit complicated but not difficult to understand. Players will try to overcome challenges, devise suitable tactics, choose training directions, dragon-fighting and management teams in general. Dragons World is a free adventure game for computers, both fun and tests the player’s dragon mastering skills.

Download Dragons World for Windows 2Nurturing and witnessing the maturing process of dragons

How to play Dragons World

When you first started playing the Dragon World adventure game for Windows 10, players will see a brief gameplay guide. This section covers the basic principles of developing a herd of dragons by building a habitat, hatching dragons, nurturing, breeding and increasing their level of experience. After completing the game tutorial, players are allowed to freely choose and decide what actions they will take. The various parts of the menu of the new Dragons World adventure game surround the screen with many options such as viewing a list of tasks to be performed, viewing the list of top players, watching in-game rewards, visiting Visit the game store, use social features, view the setup and follow up on any new developer news. The game-related parameters appear at the top of the screen and the map navigation button is located in the lower-left corner.

Download Dragons World for Windows 3Breed many different dragon species

The map button above helps to switch between two main screens of the free adventure game for Windows Dragons World. The first screen will show the player’s base as a floating island. This is where the dragons are raised. There is also a map screen displaying the entire empire on that island and the dragon arena for the purpose of fierce fighting. At first, the adventure game Dragons World has only the two most basic dragons. Players can own more dragons by breeding or buying in the game store. Players can increase the number of dragons by training and breeding. In order to meet the requirements for the amount of food, players need to build a greenhouse. Players can also build many other works such as metallurgical furnaces and amplification works. These buildings are used to improve dragon armor and make them stronger.

Download Dragons World for Windows 4Complete the unique dragon collection

All of these things require the use of gold or jade. Dragons can create these things after a certain amount of time. Players can also earn gold or jewels by completing quests, winning victories in matches and doing other things. The tasks all offer different goals that require effective implementation. Specifically, players will perform tasks such as raising dragons, building a living environment and exploiting food. Some rewards in the new Dragons World adventure game are awarded based on performance. Players will earn a lot of gold and jewels when reaching certain milestones in the game. The battles that will take place in the dragon arena (Dragon League) are all turn-based battles. Players will choose 3 dragons to fight with other people’s teams. Dragons are capable of launching normal attacks (clawing claws on opponents) or using special abilities based on elemental dragons (spitting fire on enemies). After each attack, dragons must take a break from one to two turns to recover their strength. Each dragon species has a different recovery rate depending on the element of possession. Players are allowed to open a reference board to learn about attacks in the dragon arena screen.

Download Dragons World for Windows 5Try to be the champion

In the battle screen of the Dragons World adventure strategy game, the dragon’s blood is displayed at the top of the screen and the attack options are along the bottom of the screen. Players are allowed to choose dragons and battle sequences before starting a match. When a dragon fails, another dragon will take its place in the arena. The dragon who survived to the end will win the entire battle. Players will have a great experience when playing free adventure games for Windows Phone and Dragons World computers, focusing primarily on developing dragons and winning matches. The graphics of this game are beautifully painted and meticulous.

Download Dragons World for Windows 6Build and develop dragon sanctuaries

The interface of the free adventure game Dragons Worlds can make players feel a little overwhelmed at first because there are too many menus appear. However, after conducting breeding and helping the dragon fight a few times, the interface will become more familiar. Overall, Dragons World is an interesting and challenging game for Windows 10. The gaming process can be synchronized on devices using a Facebook account. Players are also allowed to use the game’s social features such as giving and receiving gifts, showing off their achievements … Players can enter the game whenever they have a little free time or play a long game. If you love fantasy and dragon games, you should play Dragons World right away. You can download Dragons World for free from the Windows Store now.

Minimum Dragons World configuration requirements

  • Windows 10 operating system, Windows 10 Mobile
  • X64, ARM processor architecture
  • Integrated mouse
  • Integrated keyboard
  • 1 GB memory
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