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Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle for Android 4.4.2 is a tactical action role-playing game, and there is a harmonious combination of the intellectual puzzle game genre. This game is inspired by the familiar Japanese manga series: Dragon Ball Z, is compatible with Android 4.1 devices and above and is free to experience.

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New points in the game version Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle 2.15.2

  • Redesigned World Tournament section with a global tournament of real gamers.
  • Increase the maximum number of characters that a player can own up to 1000.
  • New recruiting feature is still accepted even if the number of characters you own has exceeded the allowed limit.
  • Adjust the user interface.
  • Fix some bugs of the previous version.

Based on the famous manga Dragon Ball Z , Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle takes gamers on the exciting adventure of Trunks (Ca Lich) and his friends like Kirlin, Vegeta, Songoku or Songohan …. to defeat a series of evil forces and save the Earth from great tribulation, and find the 7 lost dragon balls . Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle possesses a very special gameplay because it is built on the quintessence of many popular game series such as action , role-playing , strategy and puzzle intelligence . Besides, all the characters, the context and the features in the game are imbued with the imprints of the familiar Dragon Ball Z comic version, making Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle quickly receive support. enthusiastic protection from the gamers. Currently, this game has reached the milestone of 5 million downloads and more than 87 thousand reviews 5.0 / 5 on the app store.

Video introduction game Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle for Android

In, Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, each player can choose favorite characters from the Dragon Ball world and each character possesses certain skills, allowing the creation of fighting methods and Various attacks. These skills are visualized in the form of energy balls and to unleash the power of the hero, players need to cleverly pair the balls to create the optimal combination to deal damage. Greatest for enemies. Depending on the ownership components, each combination creates different levels of attack, requiring gamers to carefully research to get the best strategy.

Updated in the new version Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle for Android 3.7.1

  • Change the interface of the event page (Event) and the store of Baba
  • Added pop-up feature that displays character skills details
  • Save summon history “Summon History”
  • Refine UI
  • Fix some bugs

The main feature of the game Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle for Android

Explore the world of Dragon Ball Z

Face to face with the most brutal enemies faithfully reproduced from the comic version; explore interesting contexts in completely new, styled designs of a board-game; Optimizing a series of items and add-ons to upgrade the strength of the team and maintain the fighting spirit in each battle with the enemy.

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The dramatic action scenes

Simply touch Ki Sphere on screen to participate in fierce battles with very high challenges, raising the potential of the characters in Dragon Ball, making them stronger to participate. into more hardcore arenas.

Build your dream team

Build a fighting force including characters coming out of the Dragon Ball world. You can group specific characters together to activate Link Skills, however, only Dokkan battles will give you the freedom to build the army you want. Try to win the most reliable warriors to help you win faster and rise to the top.

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Diverse types of tasks

The story begins when Trunks’s time machine suddenly crashed on a planet – where the Dragon Ball Dragon was released into the universe. Who is responsible for this? Let’s Trunks discover the cause, solve the mystery, defeat a bunch of different goblins and protect the Earth.

Important note:

  • Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is compatible with Android 4.1 devices and above. The game will not function or operate unstably on the model or operating system below the request.
  • Depending on usage habits, time and frequency of experience, some high-end models can also cause errors.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is free, but some in-game items also require players to pay to be used. Users can disable this feature in the settings of the device.
  • For rooted devices, the developer does not guarantee that Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle will work stably.
  • If during the game experience you restart the game, the game will restart from the moment you interrupt (rather than reloading from the beginning).

Guide to play Dragon Ball Z game: Dokkan Battle for Android

Super Attack and Dokkan modes

  • Super Attack attacks will be triggered when the player matches 5 to 7 balls of the same color together.
  • Dokkan mode is unlocked when the Dokkan bar is full and a character has Super Attack enabled.
  • When Super Attack skill is upgraded, the damage ability will be higher. To upgrade this skill for a certain warrior, gamers must pair a warrior who owns the same colored ball with it. The highest possible upgrade level is 10.

Main spoils

  • Zeni: Zeni is a currency in the game. Owning Zeni will allow gamers to upgrade their characters to unleash their Ultimate skills.
  • Dragon Stone: Dragon stone can be earned by completing quests in each match, purchased as IAP or received from friends. Players can use dragon stones to expand bases to accommodate more warriors or recover Stamina after being injured.

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Friend Points (FP)

Friend Points are trophies you can earn from fights or receive from friends as gifts. The more FP you have, the more chances of having more warriors.

Zhao attack

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle’s attack moves are based on a combination of balls. Depending on their color, the strength of the attacks will also vary. As follows:

  • STR (Red) is strong when combined with PHY (Orange) / weak when combined with AGL (Blue).
  • AGL (Blue) is strong when combined with STR (Red) / weak when combined with TEQ (Green).
  • TEQ (Green) is strong when combined with AGL (Blue) / weak when combined with INT (Purple).
  • INT (Purple) is strong when combined with TEQ (Green) / weak when combined with PHY (Orange).
  • PHY (Orange) is strong when combined with INT (Purple) / weak when combined with STR (Red).

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The skills (Skill) in the game

  • Leader Skill: is activated all the time, even if your character is not involved in the attack screen (in a defensive position).
  • Passive Skill (Passive Skill): activated when the player meets certain requirements.
  • Link Skill: is activated in certain situations, when players switch attack order and characters with the same skill are replaced for each other.

Things you should not do in the game Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

  • If lost in a battle, do not use dragon stones to recover. This is very wasteful. Instead, accept defeat and wait until Stamina is recovered. Because, it is not easy to collect dragon stones, so save them.
  • If you already own a relative formation, do not spend the dragon stone you currently have for earning low-level characters. Instead, reserve dragon rock for events that give you a chance to get stronger warriors.
  • Do not use items without increasing the main character’s HP to over 12,000.

Dragon Ball can be said to be one of the most unforgettable Manga comics in everyone’s childhood and over the years you may have “accidentally” let these memorable memories fade into oblivion. Let’s live those good years in this Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle game and see if compared to the comic version, does it make any difference?

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