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Download Flash and Video is a free add-on on Firefox , works as a download support tool, allowing download flash games and flash videos from many sources like YouTube , Facebook , Dailymotion , Google Videos … with 1 click.

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Download Flash and Video – easy to use download tool

Download Flash and Video allows to download flash games and videos quickly with one click. This is one of the rare tools that combines downloading flash games with downloading videos for free. You can download any flash file from game websites like Facebook. The tool is also fully compatible with DownThemAll and NoScript.

Download Flash and Video is a downloader tool for those who regularly watch videos on YouTube and download YouTube videos to their devices. Of course, you can also play flash games online and then come back to play offline comfortably even after losing your life.

Download free videos from:

YouTube, Dailymotion, Google Videos, Facebook, Metacafe, MySpace Video,,,, Spike,, YourFileHost,,,,,, and lots of other flash video sharing sites. Download Flash and Video supports downloading videos in popular formats.

Download flash from:

Download flash games from,,,,,, and other flash game sites.

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Download flash games and videos with the Add-on Download Flash and Video

First, you access the address above using Firefox, click the Add to Firefox button (green), when the small window appears you wait 5 seconds, then click the Install Now button .

Once Download Flash and Video has been added to the list of Add-ons, click the Restart Firefox button to restart the browser.

Immediately, on your browser will have a new icon symbolizing Download Flash and Video, it is a black square frame, inside is a white arrow pointing downwards, this symbol is in the bottom right corner of the browser window.

Now, go to any website that allows watching movies, playing online games in flash format, then click on the utility’s icon. Immediately, it will display the list of flash files on the page, you can choose to download the file you want from this list.

Official Download link:

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