Download Doupai Face (Doupai Video) for Android APK

Face transplant video application “divine” Doupai Face (Doupai Video) for Android 1.1.2 has just released an update to welcome summer 2016 with a series of additional effects. Download this interesting application to your device to create unique videos right away.

Download Doupai Face (Doupai Video) for Android APK 1Download Doupai Face (Doupai Video) for Android APK 2

The latest feature of the Doupai Face (Doupai Video) video processing application for Android:

  • {NEW} Supported Vietnamese and Indonesian languages.
  • Fix the error that images cannot be loaded on some devices.
  • Fixed application forced to stop on some ASUS phones.
  • Fix the error that video cannot be saved.

Doupai (Doupai Video) for Android is a very interesting application to collage photos into videos. Simply put your face or a friend’s face into a video provided, then add stickers or emojis the way you want and you can “create” a new extremely fun video.

With more than 30 million users around the world and now supporting both platforms: Android and iOS , recently, Doupai has emerged as a photo-processing app just behind the photography app Vo Tac. Thien – Pitu was once “a rebel”. However, instead of taking pictures like in Pitu, Doupai gives users a completely different experience which is to transplant faces into existing video clips. Users are free to choose the video they like and then, use the image on the camera or take a new photo to replace the face with the question mark icon on the screen. Immediately, a funny video is created and you will have to laugh because the “extraneous” between the face and body of the character comes with very interesting dance moves.

Doupai Face (Doupai Video) for Android now has a Pro version for the sophisticated user – looking forward to experience a clean and “quality” video processing application. To upgrade to the PRO version, users can buy the subscription as a VIP.

  • VIP package will be added the following features: Remove watermark, advertising and unlock all video topics.
  • Registration fee is $ 4.99 / month.
  • Monthly subscription will be automatically refreshed after moving to the new month. If you want to disable this feature, you need to turn off automatic mode in your Google Play account at least 24 hours before the end of the last day of the previous subscription.
  • Once the subscription has been activated, you cannot cancel it.

Download Doupai Face (Doupai Video) for Android APK 3Download Doupai Face (Doupai Video) for Android APK 4Download Doupai Face (Doupai Video) for Android APK 5

How to use the funny Doupai video creation application for Android

  • Step 1: Take photos by touching the camera icon at the bottom of the interface or use photos from albums.
  • Step 2: Replace faces with question marks with your face on the selected video.
  • Step 3: Adjust the image size and rotate using the support tools.
  • Step 4: Save or share the created video to a friend.

Some important notes:

  • Doupai requires more memory capacity than other applications due to having to store videos after being created.
  • Does not support smartphone devices manufactured before 2012.
  • Doupai includes in-app advertising.

Quickly download Doupai to your computer and start “crafting” your photos. Please share the product to your friends to see how they react.

Van Anh

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