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As DOOM Slayer, Eternal DOOM players will return to Earth and witness the invasion of the devil. Flatten the hell and discover the origin of Slayer with the mission to destroy demons, protect the earth.

Game FPS chống lại quỷ dữ địa ngục - DOOM Eternal
FPS game against hellish demons – Eternal DOOM

UnderSoftware’s hands, DOOM Eternal PC will follow the success of DOOM 2016 . Experience the perfect combination of speed and power in the first- person shooter FPS battle – a feature of the DOOM series. With idTech 7 graphics technology and extreme soundtrack composed by Mick Gordon, the Eternal DOOM game will take you into the epic battle against demons – an excellent version never seen in the entire series.

DOOM Slayer được trang bị vũ khí tối tân trong chiến đấu
DOOM Slayer is equipped with advanced weapons in combat

Bethesda Softworks DOOM Eternal released on Steam, scheduled to be released in November 2019. This is the 5th part of the DOOM series and the next version of DOOM 2016. In this part, the player will freely throw in the large game world and be the protagonist of the first-person push-forward-type battle. unique.

Maximum threat from Slayer

Equipped with flamethrowers on the shoulders, retractable blades on wrists, guns and mods that upgrade with Double Dash-style abilities, our warriors will be faster, stronger and more flexible than ever. .

DOOM Eternal PC owns graphics and music peak
DOOM Eternal PC owns graphics and music peak

Trinity is unhappy

Take what you want from the enemy. Destroy them to gain glory, strengthen your health, destroy evil armor and shackles to become the ultimate demon hunter.

Battle mode

Experience the unique 2v1 Multiplayer battle unprecedented: DOOM Slayer is fully armed, ready to face 2 demons controlled by the player, attacking in 3 extremely fierce rounds.

Đối đầu với quỷ dữ mới bên cạnh những"gương mặt thân quen"
Confront new demons besides “familiar faces”

The forces of Hell begin to invade the earth and Doom Slayer is present to wipe out the evil herd.

Gameplay in Eternal DOOM

Gamers will transform into DOOM Slayer – ancient warriors confronting the evil forces of Hell under the first view. Gameplay encourages players to actively and aggressively attack enemies to improve health and earn ammunition. Take advantage of effective guns like Shotgun Combat, Super Shotgun, Heavy Cannon, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Rifle and Ballista. Besides, melee weapons also play a very important role like chainsaws, Crucible Blade energy swords and retractable blades on the wrists.

Lao mình vào chiến trường đẫm máu, khốc liệt nhất trong series DOOM
Plunge into the bloodiest, most intense battlefield in the DOOM series

The blade helps the warriors perform rapid and intense massacre. Meanwhile, Super Shotgun is equipped with Meat Hook. When the warrior shoots it at the opponent, the hook will freely show its power. Don’t forget to attach the armor of DOOM Slayer. Some special weapons like missiles, grenade launchers and flamethrowers. In addition to the advanced weapons, Slayer also has new abilities such as climbing walls, moving horizontally … making him more flexible on the battlefield.

Gameplay đậm chất hành động với tiết tấu nhanh, khẩn trương
Gameplay is full of action with fast tempo and urgency

Compared to DOOM 2016, DOOM Eternal increasingly challenges gamers to double the number of demons on the battlefield. You will deal with new characters like Marauder and DOOM Hunter with the return of Elemental Pain, Arachnotron and Archvile. The new system called Destructible Demons will cause the enemy’s body to be destroyed and weakened when dealing with damage.

The special feature of DOOM Eternal is the 2vs1 asymmetric battle screen, participating in the single player campaign of others, against them in the role of evil.

Rất nhiều chế độ chơi thú vị để bạn khám phá trong game DOOM mới
Many interesting game modes for you to explore in the new DOOM game

Similar to DOOM 2016, DOOM Eternal contains many images of slaughtering blood, violence and language that are unsuitable for children and lovers. Should consider carefully before downloading Eternal DOOM and experience on your personal device.

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