Download Doodle Scramble for Windows 8

Doodle Scramble for Windows 8 is a game that controls the ball on the computer looks quite simple but will make you ” sweat ” at difficult levels.

Download Doodle Scramble for Windows 8 1
Doodle Scramble game console for Windows 8

The simple game, if not to test the patience and endurance of the player on an endless journey, will bring many levels with different difficulty levels. Choose to play Doodle Scramble, you can choose 1 of 2 challenges or both if desired.

Features game Doodle Scramble ball control for Windows 8

  • Use mouse or keyboard to control the ball.
  • Graphic images are extremely simple.
  • How to play simple.
  • 3 levels of difficulty.

Introducing the dancing game Doodle Scramble for Windows 8

Doodle Scramble for Windows 8 is the next name to join the team of extremely simple games, from creating images to playing. It’s no exaggeration to say that games like this seem to be the perfect choice for those who are lazy and want to spend ” autistic ” time on a computer.

The image of Doodle Scramble is as simple as a hand-drawn line but looks very artistic. With the task of controlling the ball, you can use the arrow keys left, right or use the mouse. It is recommended that you use the keyboard because manipulating the mouse in the game makes the ball go not very accurate.

Download Doodle Scramble for Windows 8 2
Drop the ball safely down the steps to earn points in Doodle Scramble

When the screen is constantly moving upwards, your task is to bring the ball down the stairs below, to avoid falling into the thorn traps and of course, not falling off the steps. If you do not jump quickly but let the screen drift to the ball position, you will lose.

The game counts points by the time you can stay on the table. The longer you play, the higher the score gets. However, Doodle Scramble does not record high scores nor rankings. Every time you play a game, you start to accomplish from the beginning.

Download Doodle Scramble for Windows 8 3
Doodle Scramble does not save points for players

Doodle Scramble brings 3 levels of play: Easy, Medium and Hard. These levels differ only in the movement speed of the screen and not on other factors. Depending on the purpose of the game, you can choose the appropriate type. Choose Easy if you want to gently kill time or Hard to challenge your super fast reflexes.

Download Doodle Scramble for Windows 8 4
The game brings 3 levels of difficulty with faster speed

It’s free and almost anyone of any age can play Doodle Scramble. Games will be a good choice to kill time or play games to train reflexes is not a bad choice.

Nguyen Thuy

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