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Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition is a super good survival game, super hard and has achieved a lot of success on the PC platform. Recently, this game has officially “offered” the mobile platform, giving players the best experience right on the phone.

Download Don't Starve: Pocket Edition for Android .APK 1
Try to survive in a mysterious wilderness

For gamers who are passionate about challenging, love high-difficulty games, it is impossible not to know Don’t Starve – one of the survival games with horror difficulty. However, it is rated as the most attractive game and has won many awards for the best game of the year, both in terms of design and gameplay.

After “storming” on the PC and winning the hearts of more than 6 million gamers, now, Klei Entertainment has officially launched the game in the Android version. Right now, you can download Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition on your phone, challenge your ability to survive in an extremely wild, challenging world, mixed with science and magic. Mobile anywhere, anytime.

Video experience game Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition on Android

In this playground, you will play Wilson, a brave scientist who is taken by a ghost force to a mysterious wilderness. There is no other way, Wilson will have to learn how to exploit the environment, get acquainted and take advantage of the help of the residents there if he wants to survive to escape from this “monkey coughing” and find the way back. go home.

However, the difficulty of Dont Starve Pocket Edition is not how to play, but that you will not receive any instructions from the beginning to the end of the game , even if you are new and have not played the game yet.

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition for Android begins with Wilson being taken to a strange, remote area by a scary man and saying “try to find food when it’s dark”. That is all.

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Decide for action in a completely open world

Just like that, Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition throws players into a harsh world full of mysteries, dangers lurking, death waiting and can happen at any time. Without a trace of iron in his hand, hunger, darkness and strange, spooky creatures as if he wanted to devour you. There is no other way, you have to grope yourself to survive and save yourself.

Coming to the world of Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition, players must use all the survival skills they have. Take advantage of resources to get food, light a fire and avoid wild animals, cut trees, mow lawns or make unique weapons or craft tools …

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Fight with weird creatures

In the middle of a tropical, four-dimensional tropical island, besides fighting the dangers and mysteries, gamers must find a way to survive in extremely extreme weather conditions. The vital factor in Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition is that you must not let the fire turn off in the night , otherwise the character will die in a short time due to cold or aggressive animals.

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition has a completely open way of playing, allowing gamers to freely do everything they want to suit the individual lifestyle. Besides, you can also explore new lands, learn the hidden secrets where people have never been.

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Meet the indigenous people

In terms of graphics, Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition for Android is like a cartoon picture telling an interesting legend story that you are the author. It is designed with colors not too prominent, but on the contrary, it is somewhat bizarre and dark. However, it is quite captured by the flexible lines, scenes, effects are detailed and meticulously shaped.

All of this makes a survival game with a crazy but super cool and extremely worth the price of $ 2.97 that the manufacturer offers. Please download the game to your computer to experience and evaluate offline!

Outstanding features of the game Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition on Android

Optimized for touch screen

The new intuitive touch interface allows you to discover, fight, craft manual weapons and manage food reserves with ease.

Try to survive and explore the world

The game has no instructions, no help or instructions. Players start playing with a completely empty head, no idea whatsoever and nothing in hand. It’s all about you tinkering, hunting, researching, cultivating and fighting to survive in a completely open world.

Download Don't Starve: Pocket Edition for Android .APK 5
Create your own life

Graphics are dark and constantly changing

2D characters and strange creatures live in a very unique 3D world, fascinating, stimulating the curiosity of every gamer.

New worlds are randomly generated

Want a new map? Nothing. At any time you can create a living world full of hatred and want the player to die.

New feature

  • Fix input issues on some devices.
  • Improve crashes.

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