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Doctor Games: Sim Hospital – Hospital management game

Doctor Games: Sim Hospital is a simulation game with a hospital management theme. You can download Doctor Games: Sim Hospital for free to experience on Windows 10 , Windows 10 Mobile devices.

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In Doctor Games: Sim Hospital , players will meet new patients and have to answer odd questions. As the hospital director, Dr. Dean, you will be tasked with building a modern hospital, hiring more doctors, nurses and nurses to help treat patients and operate the hospital in the condition that the best.

This is not a simple task because you will have to manage a unique hospital, daily solving problems of weird patients and especially need to focus on the game. But with the love of the job, the strong support of colleagues and the high collective spirit, everyone will work together to deal with emergency cases, assist patients and solve all their questions.

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Although the graphics quality of Doctor Games: Sim Hospital is not really good, the idea is the strength of this game. As Dr. Dean, the player will have to manage the entire newly established hospital. Every day, you have to solve a lot of problems such as the opposition of staff and colleagues, the reaction of patients when not receiving treatment … All these problems need to be solved little by little with The patience and the heart of an experienced doctor.

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Doctor Games: Sim Hospital is not only for children but also suitable for anyone who loves real life simulation games like The Sims . As a hospital director, your daily work is always busy with many tasks from small to large. Players need to arrange a reasonable time and calculations to handle each job.

Your mission is to run a good hospital every day, buy more equipment, upgrade technology, hire more people and develop an increasingly prestigious hospital.

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