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Demoncer for Android is a new free open-world MMORPG on Google Play , a massive 3D masterpiece that will bring you wonderful and unforgettable experiences!

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Coming from manufacturer EYOUGAME – the “father” of many unique RPG games such as Soul Destiny , Dark Domain , Shining Spirit , Luna’s Fate or Lunathorn , Demoncer is an attractive online role-playing game that you should not miss in this year! With beautiful graphics system, engaging storyline and many interesting social activities, the game promises to bring entertaining moments for all gamers.

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Demoncer for Android will give you a smooth gaming experience, inheriting the gameplay and the best features of a computer game, including PK groups, free commodity exchanges, costume changes, duels 10v10 MOBA arena, conquer world bosses, territorial battles, romantic weddings and many other outstanding elements of a classic PC game are all perfectly presented on your mobile device!

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At the same time, Demoncer Android also integrates the new generation 3D graphics technology, providing a beautiful visual and seamless gaming experience. Feel the excitement of fighting with your friends and enjoy the great times with Demoncer game !

Salient features of the game Demoncer for Android

Live the life of the character

Experience a new battle and feel every shot vividly right in your device.

Warriors, Assassins and Shamans – the classic cooperation between these 3 characters does not bring a heavy feeling to the player. Smooth animations, fierce collisions, sleek metallic effects and grandiose skills to show off your skills – show your passion for fighting in Demoncer for Android !

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Multidimensional social circle

Personalize your profile, multidimensional socialization.

With a large number of fashionable costumes, cute monsters and diverse weapons, freely express your personality and personality in the world of Demoncer ; guilds and teams – fight for solidarity and the survival of each other; holding your soulmate’s hand and exploring the world together; make new friends and chat with each other; send real-time voice messages to friends, … and countless other social activities are waiting for players to explore! In the mysterious world of Android Demoncer , you will never be alone!

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Free to trade and exchange goods

Monetize all equipment and consumables.

Get many useful equipment and items through battles, or get resources through the skills you train. Demoncer ‘s free trading system allows players to exchange items freely. Become a rich man than a commoner in the world of mythical Demoncer !

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  • Demoncer for Android allows players to have a virtual romantic relationship or virtual marriage.
  • The game has a number of items to top up. You should spend wisely according to your hobbies and abilities.
  • Playing games for hours can affect work and health. You should rest and exercise regularly.

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