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Shoot down zombies and defend your base in the game Dead Zed action shooter for Android – is based on the hit game Beach Head on PC with millions of players.
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The dead are rising and returning to the appearance of fierce, lifeless monsters, driven by hunger. It is also the time for you to hone your shooting skills through fighting to survive the waves of attacking zombies. Dead Zed for Android is a first-person shooter (FPS) game with simple gameplay, high entertainment. Your mission is to protect your shelter from the countless zombies on the way.
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It is rated as having similar gameplay to the famous shooter Beach Head – an offline game that allows players to sit in one place and shoot to destroy all soldiers, aircraft, tanks approaching you. Dead Zed is only different: your enemies are hideous and disgusting zombies. In Dead Zed, you are the last survivor after an intense zombie outbreak. With excellent marksmanship and diverse arsenal, you shoot down all the zombies rushing towards you to protect yourself and your place. Take aim at the standard, save bullets and change guns as needed to overcome the challenging gameplay levels in the game.
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Salient features of the game Dead Zed for Android

Choose your weapon

You don’t enter this post-apocalyptic world empty-handed. Unlock and upgrade a range of weapons including pistols, machine guns, crossbows, snipers and more. Build a strong arsenal that any true survivor of the end of the world should have. In each round, you can only bring 2 weapons to battle. Choose your weapons wisely for maximum combat effectiveness.
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Unlock new locations

No place in this world is safe. Wipe out zombies in each location and move to a new location when you search for a safe haven. Start in peaceful suburbs and then go to places where disease outbreaks are more intense, including exotic farms, abandoned cities, industrial parks… In each area, you need to protect your base from being invaded by zombies.
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Fight for survival

Surviving the apocalypse by zombie pandemic is not easy. What have you got to protect yourself and defeat dangerous undead? Download Dead Zed game to your computer and find out!

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