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Dead City for Android is the latest offline shooting game from the leading game developer VNG Game Studios with many dangerous zombies and dramatic missions!

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Enjoy the dramatic zombie shooting in the game Dead City whenever you want

Location developers VNG Game Studio – “father” of many games zombie shooting famous Dead Warfare: Zombies for Android, DEAD TARGET: Zombie or MAD ZOMBIES for Android, Dead City is an action game of its new , promises to bring gamers the zombie killing screens, eye-catching storylines and vivid visual effects.

Dead City for Android is an extremely attractive FPS game taking the theme of apocalypse, the time when zombies are raging around the world. In this game, you just need to stand firm and protect your city, killing all the zombies are rushing to attack you. This is an offline zombie shooting game, so you can play it anytime and anywhere you want.

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Rush into unexpected clashes with zombies in Dead City Android and shoot them all down

Download game Dead City for Android

The apocalypse of the world has just begun! Zombie pandemic is spreading and more and more people are turned into bloodthirsty zombies. In the game Dead City , you will become the last survivor, tasked to destroy the outbreak of zombie disease and prevent the apocalypse is destroying the world. Players will need to devise reasonable strategies and high-precision shooting skills to prevent undead attacks. Hold the trigger, shoot the zombies and survive in the desolate world of Dead City Android !

Dead City is a very simple but extremely dramatic zombie shooting game. Shoot zombies as fast as possible, don’t let them come close and attack you! Explore every corner of the city, search for guns and leftover items. Beware of weaponry buildings, which are home to the most difficult zombies to kill.

In order to master the offline zombie shooting game Dead City for Android , you not only need accurate zombie shooting skills, but also have to find a way to get the best guns scattered at different locations in the city. city.

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Explore every corner of Dead City to find more sophisticated guns

Salient features of the game Dead City for Android

  • Rush into unexpected clashes with zombies and shoot them all down.
  • Experience the joy of getting new guns and upgrading them.
  • Break your own record and other survivors around the world by destroying as many corpses as possible.
  • Offline game – play anytime anywhere without an internet connection.

Dead City for Android is one of the latest offline shooters on Google Play ! Survive in a barren wasteland, shoot zombies and prevent the dead from rising. Repel the invasion of the zombie army and save humanity. Get your guns and weapons, aim and kill all the zombies that get in your way!

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