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Dark Riddle for Android is a unique horror game on Google Play , where you are tasked to break into the haunted house of a neighbor and discover his terrifying secrets.

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Neighbors can sometimes cause more problems than emitting noise at inappropriate times during the day. Sometimes, instead of a usual greeting when you see each other, you only get his awful, ominous silence and sullen face.

In the game Dark Riddle for Android , the player faces such an unusual guy, a person full of cold secrets. Break into his house unnoticed, overcome all traps, surveillance cameras and search for the truth! The main character in this horror movie is you!

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The plot of the game Dark Riddle for Android

When moving into a new house, you discover the neighbors’ actions in the opposite house quite strangely. He is a very evil person, never giving up his conspiracy. You may even hear some strange sounds coming from his house.

And one night, this neighbor came out of the house with a sealed bag shaped like a human body. It is clear that something awful is happening. Can’t pretend not to know – you decide to break into his neighbor’s house and find out his secret!

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Download game Dark Riddle for Android

With gameplay similar to the first-person horror games, explore spooky houses, hide from murderers and famous puzzles like Granny , Grandpa , Neighbors from Hell: Season 1 , Grandpa And Granny House Escape or Hello Neighbor for Android , you can’t miss this completely free Dark Riddle game!

The player’s task is not to find a way to get close to his neighbor, but to learn the terrible secret inside his haunted house. However, this will not be easy! Every corner of his yard is fitted with a movable tracking camera, and all doors and windows are locked. The neighbor himself is quite a dangerous guy, he will do anything just to cover up for his dark deeds.

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Without attracting attention, use your own wits and unearth the terrible secret of the evil neighbor in the horror game Dark Riddle Android !

Salient features of the game Dark Riddle for Android

  • The first-person camera system has been upgraded, allowing you to move freely and look around easily.
  • Search and use useful items. Find flashlights, keys, gas tanks and similar items – all of these items will be very helpful for you to deal with your neighbor.
  • Watch your surroundings often – this guy can stand and wait for you anywhere.
  • When an emergency situation occurs, the player can find a way to escape and run into his own house – which is where the neighbor cannot breach.
  • Your goal is the murderer’s basement. That place is the key to unravel all of his terrible secrets.
  • The game has great soundtrack with scary melodies, perfectly transmitting the scary atmosphere of a mysterious thriller.
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What do you think your outcome will be – find the horrible truth or become another victim of the evil neighbor? Find out now by downloading the game Dark Riddle for Android using the Download button above.

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