Download DAP – Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is the world’s leading download manager, allowing you to download up to 300% faster with high stability, resume support and error correction.

Download Accelerator Plus will look for mirror sites that effectively accelerate the download process through multi-server connections for dial-up or broadband connections. DAP automatically recovers from shutdowns, disconnection errors and other errors.

Download Accelerator Plus is fully integrated with Netscape , Internet Explorer , and Opera , Mozilla Firefox and the Internet Explorer toolbar with the feature of showing and capturing links, giving the highest performance for all types of connections (dial-up, cable, DSL / ADSL, T1 etc.), giving you a faster and more stable download experience. It features a unique automatic postponement, proxy settings, schedules, and AlwaysResume services.

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The main feature of Download Accelerator Plus

Download speed:

  • Download the file as fast as you can.
  • Advanced download acceleration technology is copyrighted.

Increase operating speed:

  • Automatically increase the speed of mirror links.
  • Search for the fastest download source.
  • Switch to mirror websites with higher speed while loading.

Pause and resume: Resume broken or suspended downloads.

Speed up videos: Watch videos online without waiting a long time.

Download and convert videos:

  • Download and convert videos with just one click.
  • Increase download and conversion speed.
  • Support downloading from many websites.

Video preview: Users can preview video content before deciding to download.

Check links before downloading: The software will analyze the links and files before downloading to prevent users from encountering broken links.

Ensure downloads from safe sources: This program will check the files you want to download to make sure your computer will not be attacked through these files.

Download Manager: Thanks to this DAPster manager, users will not need to perform search and download operations, because this tool will do it all for you.

View download history: Display a detailed list of download history, you will not need to worry about losing track of what has been downloaded.

Requirements: Internet connection.

Updated in new version

  • Bandwidth control for each file.
  • Update YouTube DAPster.
  • Fix Download with DAP option in Internet Explorer 10.
  • Fix Link Verifier menu error for Internet Explorer 10.
  • Upgrade bandwidth control feature: calculate latency better and check links more often.

Users note when using Download Accelerator Plus

Display banner ads or other types of advertising when using the software.

Download Accelerator Plus paid version with more features

  • Zip Extract – download and extract files from zip format
  • Removed the advertisement banner in the application
  • Choice of skin for DAP
  • Manage passwords and other relevant information of the website (unlimited)
  • Icon in the system tray while loading
  • Priority technical support
  • Great speed – makes downloading faster

Other versions and related.

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