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Do not miss the opportunity to explore the endless challenges of Dancing Planet for Android – one of the new and very popular music games on Google Play .

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Dancing Planet is a great action game in the genre of engaging gameplay, where you can both enjoy exciting electronic music tunes, and travel through beautiful galaxies in space!

Unlike music games with typical black-and-white- style gameplay, like piano simulation like Snow Magic Piano Tiles , Piano Magic Tiles 2018 or Piano Black Tiles , Dancing Planet for Android game has a very new and attractive gameplay. : You need to control the ball jumping on the square tiles that appear on an endless road and must avoid gaps on the screen.

Dancing Planet offers many leading EDM tracks such as:

  • Amadeus – Legendary
  • Naron – Imagination
  • TonyZ – Road So Far (Inspired By Alan Walker)
  • KonradMil – Unity (Inspired by Alan Walker)
  • And more songs will be added in the near future.
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Use your music sensing ability to jump through every step of Dancing Planet Android

How to play the game Dancing Planet for Android

Dancing Planet Android has a similar gameplay to Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! , you just need to touch the screen to control the light ball to jump up the stairs to the tune of the music, try to dance accurately and at the right time to help you score more points. The game has 5 game modes, each mode will have its own difficulty levels, just press and hold on a song to open more different modes.

The track of each stage is designed based on the rhythm of the song you choose. Listen, mingle with the melody and use the ability to perceive music to jump through every step, it won’t take long, you’ll get used to the gameplay and feel that Dancing Planet is not as hard as it looks. And above all, try not to “fall” out of the way, remember, you are in outer space.

The music path in the Dancing Planet game is endless, just play one round, you will automatically be transferred to the next level with increasing speed. Come on, play now to challenge your reflexes and skills.

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Challenge your music perception with Dancing Planet game for Android

Salient features of the game Dancing Planet for Android

  • It only takes one tap to jump on each step, if using the keyboard, press the key to the right or left, too easy right?
  • Beautiful graphics and 3D effects.
  • Including more than 30 exciting, easy-to-remember and memorable electronic tracks from famous artists, including DJ AG, Amadeus, NoCopyrightNation, …
  • Addictive and challenging gameplay, highly entertaining.
  • Earn lots of experience points to unlock new songs.
  • The game has many different game modes: Basic, Left or Right, Invisible Space, Heroes, Alien Wars.
  • Collect favorite planets or mysterious spaceships / spacecraft.
  • Set a score record and compare with your friends.
  • Share the record with friends in the world through the Ranking.
  • Connect to Google / Facebook to save and sync gameplay.
  • Is free game for everyone, family, friends.
  • 9 language options, including Vietnamese.

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Dancing Planet for Android is a free music game and suitable for everyone

Dancing Planet for Android is a completely free rhythm game! Try it now and listen to the vibrant rhythms in space. Many other surprises are waiting for players to discover! How far do you think you can go?


Each device has different music latency. In case you feel there is any discrepancy between the beat and the beat, open the settings to adjust by dragging the slider forward or back. The stronger the device, the lower the music latency and vice versa.

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