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Cut Paste Photos is a powerful photo editing application but very simple to use. With only two manipulations: cutting and pasting photos, you can stitch your image into posters of famous actors, “procrastinate” next to a hot girl or simply become a Santa Claus in the blink of an eye. . Let’s explore together.

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Cut Paste Photos right from the name has clearly reflected its features. This is a professional photo collage application, ranked quite high on the app store with nearly 40,000 reviews 5.0 and more than 10 million installs. Cut Paste Photos gives users the simplicity of use but the product is as impressive as any professional photo editor.

Cut Paste Photos allows users to turn a simple image into a dream photo by cutting the desired details from one image to paste into another. You can cut and paste everything from people, animals, the sky and any object in the photo. In particular, Cut Paste Photos also allows you to cut faces to transplant into someone else’s body very quickly with the editing options included; remove background image and add another background instead; Get rid of some people in the photo and make the picture more perfect the way you want.

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Cut Paste Photos is useful when:

  • A family photo but lacks a member. Take a picture of them and use Cut Paste Photos to put them in the photo you want.
  • Her birthday is coming and you suddenly remembered that the two of them had never had a picture together. Surprise her with a photo of two people using Cut Paste Photos to combine two different photos into a “Couple” photo. This idea is also possible if you are looking for a gift for her this Christmas.
  • You want to put your image into the picture of all Hot boy, Hot girl, Idol, Poster, paste your photos into “luxurious” tourist destinations like Eiffel Tower …., Cut Paste Photos will Help you fulfill this wish.

The main tool of Cut Paste Photos for Android

  • Cropping: Cut any image you want, including taking people out of photos, cutting faces …
  • Advanced photo editing: Edit photos after cropping to be perfect. Ideal if you want to remove people or objects from your photos.
  • Paste a photo: Paste the cut image into any background you want.
  • Collage : Create a collage with photos after editing.

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Latest feature of Cut Paste Photos for Android:

  • Customize photo gallery.
  • Cropped images with high resolution.
  • Options to enable or disable the Magnifying Glass feature.
  • Change the color of the cropped image border.
  • Additional features to share photos.
  • Improved to work better on older devices.

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