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  • Cut Cut is a 100% free photo editing application for Android smartphones and tablets, helping you cut and change the background of photos in a blink of an eye.

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Cut and join photos easily and quickly with Cut Cut for Android

Cut Cut is a professional photo collage software that gives users the simplicity in use but is powerful and creates impressive products, naturally not inferior to any professional photo editor. .

You want you to have a picture taken in the Eiffel Tower (Paris), the Statue of Liberty in the US or in a clear blue sea in the Maldives but have not had the opportunity to set foot in those places yet. Cut Cut will help you make that dream extremely easy and fast thanks to smart photo collage feature.

Smart cropping

With Cut Cut photo editing software, you can customize and create your very own photo. With simple operations, the Auto Cut Paste feature will select and extract desired objects and details via Detect AI. You can then paste the object into any other background available in the application.

Users can cut and paste everything from people, animals, sky and any object in the image. In particular, you can also cut the face to transplant into another body. In addition, the application also has editing options and effects, making the picture perfect in any way you want.

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Beautiful filters and powerful editing capabilities help you create your own creative, perfect photo

Cut Cut for Android application has:

  • More than 100 background patterns.
  • Special wallpaper theme “Luxury / Rich / Show Off”.
  • More than 100 filters and 15 photo editing tools.

Highlights of Cut Cut application for Android

  • Combine your cutout photos seamlessly to create unique, funny photos.
  • The Manual Erase feature helps you erase the background by rubbing your finger on the screen.
  • Share your creative work easily and quickly on social networks .
  • Edit photos and rich effects: Cut, rotate, fill mosaic photos, vignette effects, add text, brush, blur …

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