Download CSR Racing for Mac

CSR Racing for Mac is a fascinating, authentic and completely free racing game for Mac. With stunning graphics, supercar system and addictive gameplay, CSR Racing for Mac is sure to please fans of the racing game genre.

In CSR Racing for Ma c, players will be caught up in the fight for the territory of the gang. Therefore, underground car races are held to decide which side the region belongs to. Your task is to defeat gangs and gangsters until you take over the whole city!

CSR Racing for Mac is an authentic car racing simulation game and owns supercar systems such as Audi R8, BMW M3 and Chevy Corvette … Players can customize the turbocharger, nitrogen injection and customize. tweak your aerodynamics to upgrade your steed and beat the best racers in the city.

Download CSR Racing for Mac 1

Download CSR Racing for Mac

Key features in CSR Racing for Mac – fascinating racing game:

Diverse vehicle systems:

The racing cars in the game are quite diverse and are licensed from famous brands including Ford, GM, Mini, Nissan, Audi R8, Ford GT, Chevrolet Camaro, MP4-12C and BMW M3. You can upgrade them with turbochargers, racing tires and more.

Upgrade Car:

Choose the engine and engine cycle, upgrade the ECU, vehicle class and many other factors to fit the style of your driving. However, you should note: There are no two identical models, do not use the engine too strong for small tires and vice versa.

Stunning images with full HD resolution:

Possessing a groundbreaking graphics platform, CSR Racing breaks all imaging standards on mobile devices. New generation Retina graphics and lighting combine to create a more vivid and realistic visual effect than ever before!

Compete with other drivers to become a speed tycoon:

Your mission is to overcome every boss in the underworld and become the new “king” of the racing line of CSR Racing !

Quickly download CSR Racing for Mac for free and win the dominant position on the racetrack!

Download CSR Racing for Mac 2

CSR Racing for Mac owns the licensed supercar system

Advantages of the game:

  • Stunning graphics
  • Many supercars are licensed
  • Optimize technology for Mac


  • The number of tracks is small

Nguyen Thuong

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