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CrossFire: Legends (CF Mobile) is a first-person shooter (FPS – First Person Shooter) game that is widely known to gamers as Mobile Raid. With beautiful 3D graphics, flexible control mechanism, large map faithfully reproducing every scene in the game.

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Download Crossfire Legends – The No. 1 CF Mobile shooter in Vietnam.

The game offers players two different ways of shooting: Fixed shot button in the lower right corner of the screen and an option button according to the movement of the finger. Both ways are very interesting shooting, depending on preferences and habits of each person is selected to suit you.

CrossFire: Legends offers a lot of interesting game modes, helping gamers unleash their shooting talent as well as train teamwork spirit. Each type of play brings different experiences, not boring. When participating in the game, players will encounter many familiar images from game modes, character systems, maps to weapons … in PC Raid.

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Download Crossfire Legends – Raid Game on mobile.

New feature in Crossfire: Legends – V3 Legend Returns

New Survival mode

Participating in Survival mode, players must parachute onto a deserted island.

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Then collect any type of gun you see, fighting 99 other players to become the last survivor.

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New Map system

The Big Update V3 update adds nearly 10 brand new maps: Data Center, Desert Castle, Horse Farm…. At the same time, update the weather for old maps such as Satellite Station, Submarine …

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Besides, the mode of playing CS Woof is also very interesting for gamers, when all players have the same starting point, if they want to win, they must save money for each round.

New character

Big Update Version 3 brings 3 new characters: Laura, Summer Fox and Captain Blade. With outstanding speed, diverse skills, super beautiful appearance are the highlights for the new group of warriors joining this fiery battlefield!

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Nearly 200 new weapons

New arsenal of up to 200 items is waiting for players to discover. Includes VIP weapons, auxiliary weapons, melee and bombs. The legendary super guns: M4A1 Born Beast Silver, Anaconda Born Beast, Bladed Knickles Inferno Dragon, AK12 Iron Spider …. are actively sought by gunners.

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New items sold at discounted prices include: Noble Dragon Set, QBZ95-Royal Dragon, Hummingbird Pistol, Dual Glock, Butterfly Knife, Brick Building, Frying Pan, Black Steel, Knife Ultimate Gold.

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  • Items purchased at the Shop can accrue days of use, but not accumulated with the same item, but receive at other events / activities.
  • Some items will require a certain VIP level to own.
  • Shop only updated at version Vesion 3, Vesion 2 has not changed.
  • Accounts on Vesion 2 and Version 3 servers do not sync data with each other.

Updated Big Update Version 3

Vip rotation

Updated items appearing in the spin: M4A1-Born Beast Silver, Anaconda-Born Beast, Keris Born Beast, AWM Inferno Dragon, Thompson-Gilt, Bag 7 (30 days), Lora Characters (30 days), IAS -Gemini.

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Born Beast rotation

Updated items appearing in the spin: Barret-Born Beast, DE Born Beast, QBZ03-Peak, Evil Dragon Ring, DE Blue Crystal, Infeno Dragon Awakening Stone x15, Grenade-Commander (180 days), M4A1- Commander, QBZ03-Royal Dragon, Krukri-Blue Crystal, M4A1-Blue Crystal, Shadow Characters.

Download Crossfire: Legends for Android .APK 12

AK47-Transformers rotation

Updated items appearing in the spin: Barret-Aurora, AK47-Transformers, MG3-Wukong, AK47-Wukong, Hawk Type 97-2-Peak, Ghost Card x10, Grenade-Pringles (180 days), DE- Wukong, ROSE Characters, Sten-War II, Nuchaku-Gold, M4A1-Wukong.

Download Crossfire: Legends for Android .APK 13

M4A1-Transformers rotation

Updated items appearing in the spin: AA12-Hell Fire, M4A1-Transformers, Holy Dragon, Gatling-Magma, Bag 5, Phonenix Grenade (180 days), Sword-Transformers, AOI Characters, AK47-Phoenix , BC AX-Phoenix, M16-Royal Dragon, M4A1-Phoenix.

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  • Updating the above dials only applies to new version Version 3, Version Version 2 will have its own update.
  • The amount of GEM you spend on each turn decreases with the VIP level.
  • A VIP key and a GEM are required for a spin.
  • For Born Beast, AK47-Transformers, M4A1-Transformers if you already own: AOI Characters (VV), Shadow Characters (VV), ROSE Characters (VV) and Number 5 (VV) Bags Receiving the above items will appear a notice of GEM return via mail, but will not deduct Gem at the turn of receiving the item.

Play modes in the CF Mobile shooter

Competition mode (PVP)

  • Team battle : Divided into 2 barracks, the target must kill a certain number of enemies within the allotted time, whoever kills the first number will win. How to play this mode is quite simple, helps players practice their gun skills quite well.
  • Mortal: Both sides must fight fiercely, destroying opponents to win on themselves. The side that wins the previous 5 stages will win.
  • Bomb placement : Divided into 2 camps, Black List and Global Risk. The attacker must place C4 bombs to destroy the target, and the defending team must stop that action. The barracks must work together to win.
  • Fighting Machine: The same method of play as Team Battle, divided into 3 levels is easy, hard and super hard. To win 1 of the 2 sides must destroy 30 lives or kill a higher rate after time runs out.
  • Dug: With the maximum participation of 12 people, divided into 2 factions GR and BL. How could the BL side reach the emergency exit before the GR’s blockade? The game will be repeated with changing the roles of the two groups. We will have all 2 rounds, the group that defends all 16 times in their turn is the winner. If there are not enough times, 5 minutes later will change. When the time is up, the team with the higher number of defections is winning.
  • Survival Mode : Survival mode officially came to Crossfire Legends players in the February update, with a vast battlefield, supporting up to 120 people, allowing players to freely run, collect supplies, pick up weapons, equipment necessary for the fierce battle of survival to become the last survivor.

Download Crossfire: Legends for Android .APK 15
Duel Mode in Crossfire Legends game .

Entertainment mode (Casual)

  • Struggling: It is still a battle between the two sides Global Risk and the familiar Black List, whoever kills 60 enemy networks first will win or compare the score when time runs out.
  • Zombie: Players are divided into two factions Mercenaries and Zombie. When choosing to be a Zombie, you can use offensive tactics to infect mercenaries. And the mercenaries must kill all these zombies. Within the allotted time, if a Zombie infects all the mercenaries, it will be considered as a victory, and at the end of the time, at least one mercenary or mercenary will kill all the zombies, then the mercenary faction will win.

Download Crossfire: Legends for Android .APK 16
Zombie mode in Crossfire Legends.

Story mode

In story mode you have to fight alone, there are many monsters around. Not only does the player need to increase equipment to deal with monsters, but also use their intelligence to kill the boss, preserve their lives to complete the task.

Download Crossfire: Legends for Android .APK 17
Story mode is an individual mode in the game.

This mode has 3 difficulty levels: Normal, Difficult and Purgatory. Each frontier boss will receive 1 chest, including permanent weapons or props, the higher the difficulty, the more attractive the reward.

Challenge mode

When reaching Level 4 will be unlocked the battle shield mode. In this mode the player can fight alone or form a team. The default will hit each monster class similar to the battle mode in the Crossfire PC version.

Download Crossfire: Legends for Android .APK 18
The regime of battle is extremely fierce and fierce.

Unique feature in CF Mobile shooter for Android

Character system

  • SWAT: Full name is Special Weapons and Tactics Unit, is one of the leading crime prevention units in the world. The default SWAT is received at the beginning of the game.
  • FA (SFG): Specializing in escorting goods with the motto at all costs to protect the item.
  • OMOH: A special police force of Russia, to prevent crime. Now known as Black Berets or Mafia Killers.
  • Crazy Baby: Female Zombie character found in Zombie mode, which helps players to attack enemies very well. Thanks to the ability to infect, skills to hide and avoid bullets well help you have more victory on yourself.
  • Hulk Zombie: Has great appearance, green skin, extremely strong health so the ability to fight surpasses other Zombie species.
  • AOI: Also known as Orchid or JNS. Serving for secret intelligence agencies, capable of invading everywhere. These beauties are well trained skills, can deal with all difficult situations when on duty.
  • FOX: As the sexiest female characters in the game, do not be attracted by their attractive appearance but neglect the main task.
  • Blade: Also known as SIA, the Secret Intelligence Agency, belongs to a group of soldiers specialized in collecting information. With their tall and muscular appearance in the break-out suits and modern communication equipment, they are known as the “Marshal” of the battlefield.

Weapon system

Weapon systems in Raid Mobile extremely rich and diverse. With everything from iron hammers, wrenches to guns. Each weapon has its own power, allowing gamers to freely choose to suit their tactics. A series of classic weapons such as M4A1, AK47, AWM, Barret … can upgrade, change colors, increase combat power.

Download Crossfire: Legends for Android .APK 19
Weapon system is diverse and abundant.

Item system

  • Evil Dragon Rings: Has special effects in PVP and Bomb placing modes. It helps mark the target very effectively and can also locate the enemy.
  • Defense Z: Against the infection of Zombie 1, is considered as revival armor. Extremely useful for those who like to play Zombie mode.
  • Bulletproof hats: Avoiding the enemy hit the head, in the fight with a knife or bulletproof helmet also proved extremely useful.
  • Bulletproof vest: Helps reduce damage in combat, except for bulletproof. Bulletproof vests can also reduce damage caused by grenades or knives.

Diverse maps

When participating in CrossFire Legends, players seem to be revived in familiar maps such as Death Crossroads, Desert Storm, Broadcast Stations, Cargo Ships, Military Bases …

Configuration required

Minimum Android configuration:

  • Chip: CPU 1.2GHz 4 Cores.
  • RAM: 1GB.
  • Free memory capacity: 2GB or more.

Recommended Android configuration:

  • Chip: CPU 2.5GHz 4 Cores.
  • RAM: 2GB.
  • Free memory capacity: 2GB or more.

All movements, fights, scales and sounds in the game are extremely realistic, helping gamers feel like fighting in real life. Let’s experience the legendary shooter Raid on your mobile phone. CF Mobile currently has 2 versions for the 2 most popular mobile operating system platforms, if you are using an iPhone, you can download CF Mobile for iOS here!

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