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Drop by and have fun with Crazy Taxi Classic for Android , SEGA ‘s groundbreaking open-world driving game. Download the game for free, race your way and earn money now!

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Launch through the roads full of traffic, pass the parking garages and create crazy combos to make money in a more dramatic race than ever before! In Crazy Taxi games Classic, time is money and only the craziest driver has a chance to win.

Like Streets of Rage Classic , Sonic the Hedgehog , Kid Chameleon Classic or Golden Ax Classics, Crazy Taxi Classic is part of SEGA Forever – a collection of classic mobile games, where a treasure trove of classics Free console for the first time brought to the mobile world! The game has an identical gameplay to the original on PC, where you can customize the controls and even save the progress of the game at any time.

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Download game Crazy Taxi Classic for Android

Crazy Taxi Classic for Android is an adaptation of the famous Crazy Taxi video game for Android devices. In this racing game , you play as one of the 4 crazy taxi drivers who are capable of doing anything to get their customers to the destination on time.

The Crazy Taxi mobile version includes the same arcade mode as the original, in which the player must race against the timer. Every time you pick up a passenger, you’ll get a few extra seconds, and when dropping a person at their destination, you’ll earn money. The goal of Crazy Taxi Classic Android is simple: make as much money as possible before time runs out.

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Crazy Taxi Classic also includes all the additional game modes that come with the Dreamcast gaming console version. The game has a total of more than 16 fun mini games, where you can make crazy jumps, slide or play with giant balls, and more.

In terms of photos, Crazy Taxi Classic game has graphics similar to the original. Even the sound effects of the two versions are identical. This means that the mobile version will include great music in the Crazy Taxi video game that you can now enjoy anywhere right on your Android device.

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Overall, Crazy Taxi Classic is an outstanding arcade game , never outdated and can be played on more than 10 platforms.

Salient features of the game Crazy Taxi Classic for Android

  • Is a mobile version based on the extremely famous classic video game of the same name.
  • Provide original music by The Offspring and Bad Religion.
  • Freely choose 3, 5 or 10 minute playing time in Arcade mode and Original mode.
  • Continue to experience crazy activities with 16 mini games in Crazy Box.
  • Integrated online rankings – compete with players from around the world to earn high scores.
  • More side games are updated monthly.
  • Support HID compatible controller
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Crazy Taxi Classic for Android runs ads and does not require in-app purchases.

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