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Cooking Mama – Master Fever is a fun cooking game , beautiful and vibrant graphics. You can download and play Cooking Mama – Master Fever for free on Windows 10 to satisfy your passion for cooking.

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Game Cooking Mama – Master Fever for Windows 10 is suitable for children and girlfriends who love to cook and light, fun games on the computer. The game has friendly graphics, eye-catching colors and a variety of fast food worlds for you to cook, serve hungry customers!

Cooking Mama – Master Fever’s gameplay is designed in the style of a time management game . In the game, you will transform into the world famous chef King and own your favorite fastfood restaurant. Through the tables, you will have the opportunity to prepare attractive fast food such as hamburgers, sausages, sandwiches, whipped cream …

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Cooking Mama – Master Fever for Windows 10 has many attractive levels. Diners will wait in line for you to serve, so players need to focus and hurry quickly to satisfy the hungry stomach of every customer. If it is too late, the customer will get angry and leave immediately. Take advantage of the kitchen items to make pizzas with all kinds of delicious topping, aromatic beef burgers or fresh cream in extremely nice cups.

The game offers you a kitchen with a full range of equipment such as knives, ovens, toasters, bars and restaurants. Please wear hats and Gossip to start serving customers throughout breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Cooking Mama – Master Fever game feature

  • Providing a variety of fresh ingredients and professional fastfood recipes.
  • Beautiful graphics, youthful.
  • Many level style time management game combined with cooking.
  • Simple gameplay, suitable for everyone.

Game Cooking Mama Fever owns compact capacity and does not require high configuration. Download Cooking Mama Master Fever for free to experience the happy, busy and equally challenging cooking hours!

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