Download Cookie Blast Fever for Windows

Draw a match-3 puzzle and participate in a sweet adventure in the confectionery world with the new Cookie Blast Fever intellectual game . Download Cookie Blast Fever to completely free experience on your Windows and Windows Mobile devices.

Game match-3 miễn phí cho tất cả mọi người - Cookie Blast Fever
Match-3 free game for everyone – Cookie Blast Fever

Update the latest Cookie Blast Fever version

  • Add 10 new levels to challenge your puzzle ability.
  • Add new task system.
  • Fix bugs and improve the user interface.
Chinh phục nhiều level từ dễ đến khó với thử thách bất ngờ
Conquer multiple levels from easy to difficult with unexpected challenges

Like the diamond game series like Ice Cream Paradise or Gummy Drop! In the Cookie Blast Fever game, players will continue to swap and match sweet cookie cookies into rows or columns of 3 or more units to break them, conquer the target that each level requires. Explore the world of sweet pastry candies with cakes, biscuits and gato.

Xếp bánh ngọt thành hàng hoặc cột giống nhau để phá vỡ chúng khỏi bàn chơi
Put the pastry into the same row or column to break them off the table

Consider carefully before each country, exchange the cakes properly to create powerful combos, help you set a score record and win 3 stars. Arrange from 3 identical cakes / candies into rows or columns to break them. Match candies according to different logic to receive special rewards, creating spectacular explosions on the table.

Tận dụng bổ trợ để vượt qua những level khó trong Cookie Blast Fever
Take advantage of auxiliary aids to overcome difficult levels in Cookie Blast Fever

Play Cookie Blast Fever game to unlock, explore and conquer many challenging levels – both intellectual and suitable for gentle entertainment. Support will help you overcome obstacles at a difficult level. But the amount of support is very limited, so please use it wisely. Join the fun adventure and enjoy hours of unforgettable entertainment with Cookie Blast Fever!

Cookie Blast Fever là game vui cho tất cả mọi người
Cookie Blast Fever is a fun game for everyone

Main features of Cookie Blast Fever game

  • Gentle entertainment with cute game match-3 graphics.
  • Combine skillful pastries and conquer every level.
  • The table is beautifully hand drawn.
  • Level up faster thanks to strong support.
  • Play games regularly to receive rewards.
  • Spin the lucky wheel to earn rewards.

Note: Cookie Blast Fever is a free game but contains some items that require buying with real money.

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