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Color Splash FX for Android is a photo editing application with the ability to change colors on photos in a unique way. With the help of this tool, users can turn a normal image of themselves into black and white photos and gradually fill the image with that color. For example, you can turn every color in the image to an old gray ash color but keep the color on your face so that you have timeless youth beauty.

Not only that, Color Splash FX also allows you to completely change the original color of the image to a new color, something that is normally only possible through Photoshop on a computer. Specifically, users can change their hair color to blinding blue or brilliant purple to help the image stand out. Similarly, you can also change the color of the step face, sky color or any details in the image you like.

In addition, users can also use their fingers as a drawing tool in Color Splash FX . Then, just hover on the screen, the user can draw more on the image, or can be zoned to select the area to change the color.

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In particular, on the occasion of the summer promotion package of Google Play, users also get a free 50% when upgrading to the Color Splash FX Pro package or a 50% discount when the summer sticker pack in the app .

Hurry up and install Color Splash FX for Android today to change the color of the world in your photos as you like.

Some salient features of Color Splash FX for Android:

  • Convert the original image to black and white or color.
  • Coloring a detail in the image with a completely new color gamut.
  • Use two fingers to zoom in, zoom out images easily.
  • Customize brush strokes: adjust the size, angle, transparency of brush strokes.
  • Resize the brush flexibly according to the user’s finger.
  • Unlimited undo support.
  • Lets save the process in progress to be able to continue at any time.
  • Lets use photos in the gallery on the camera or take new photos.
  • Support horizontal and vertical screen mode ( Landscape and Portrait ).
  • Allows posting newly created artwork on Facebook , Twitter and Flickr .
  • Lets set the edited image as a phone wallpaper or as an avatar for a contact’s name in the phonebook.
  • Support detailed instructions in the program (press the letter i in the top toolbar).

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  • Supports the following art effects (FX):
    • Color Splash .
    • X Ray (X-ray image).
  • Support professional FX effects as follows:
    • Pencil ( pencil sketch photo).
    • Blur (blurred image).
    • Tunnel (swirl image).
    • Mosaic (collage from many small photos).
    • Color Flip (change the image color).
    • Exorcist (overcast colors).
    • Spectrum (color spectrum).
    • And many other effects are being added.

Above are the features of the free Color Splash FX version for Android , users can upgrade to the Pro version to use the following features:

  • Allow magnification 20 times (20x).
  • Show brush heads.
  • Customize the editing area below the user’s finger.
  • Emphasize the area on the image with a more prominent color.
  • Delete advertisement banner.


Color Splash FX for Android will require additional access to get_tasks and get_accounts permissions. This means that unlocked features won’t disappear when users change devices or reinstall programs.

Update in Color Splash FX for Android new version:

  • Add a new set of summer stickers.
  • Correct errors in the previous version.


To install applications for Android from you need to set up a device that can install applications not located on Google Play. To set up this feature you need to go to Settings > Security > in Device Manager , select the Unknown sources ( Allow installation of applications not from Market ).

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