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Collage Maker is a free collage and photo editing app. With this application, users will have a multitude of photo editing and collage options, helping you create the perfect picture to post online.

Just select some photos, Collage Maker for Android will instantly combine them into an interesting collage photos. Users can choose the layout they like best, edit collages with multiple filters, stickers, text and other diverse tools to create a beautiful picture to your liking.

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Collage Maker for Android is a two-on-one photo editing and editing application for Android

Salient features of Collage Maker application for Android

  • Combine up to 18 photos to create a collage photo.
  • More than 100 ways to arrange the layout in the form of frames or grids for users to freely choose.
  • Large number of special wallpapers, stickers, fonts and images to add to photos.
  • Scale and edit collage borders.
  • Create a collage style Free or Grid.
  • Cut photos and edit photos with many filters, diverse text.
  • Create Instagram-style square photos with a watermark.
  • Save images in high resolution and share photos on social networking sites like Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , …

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Collage Maker for Android has a professional photo filter and over 500 cute stickers

Key features of the Collage Maker application for Android

Grid image collage

With Collage Maker for Android photo collage application , users can create collage photos with hundreds of different layouts and shapes in seconds. You are free to customize the size of your photo grid, borders and background! With Collage Maker , users can easily create a beautiful collage, expressing your own personality.

Photo editor

Collage Maker Android offers a range of photo editing tools such as: Cut photos, apply filters to photos, add stickers and text to photos, draw on photos with the doodle tool, flip, rotate, …

Free collage

Users are free to choose beautiful wallpaper with full screen ratio to create a Scrapbook (scrapbook). You can decorate with photos, stickers, captions, doodle and share your Scrapbook photos on Instagram Story and Snapchat Story.

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The app has loads of impressive wallpapers and diverse artistic fonts

Many diverse photo frames

Users can choose square photo frames with blurred or white backgrounds to match photos posted on Instagram. In addition, you can also choose multiple image ratios such as 1: 1, 4: 5, 3: 2, … Easily stitch entire photos without having to crop the image. You can even stitch up to 10 square photos at a time.

Collage Maker Android is one of the best photo editor and collage maker for Instagram. If you have any problems or suggestions, please contact the InShot developer at [email protected] email.

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