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Enjoy a novel long-distance driving simulation game with beautiful graphics and sound could not be better in the game Coach Bus Simulator, rookie from application firm Ovidiu Pop.

Download Coach Bus Simulator for Android .APK 1
Coach Bus Simulator game interface on Android

Coach Bus Simulator is the first driving game to guide players to control a long-distance bus through many different locations in the game. The car will take passengers from one city to another, visiting, exploring and enjoying great destinations and landscapes.

Join the exploration journey in the Coach Bus Simulator game on Android, players will try with many different cars, you are free to choose the style, color, interior and even you can Design your own car more eye-catching with trendy colors, super design, modern equipment or write words or messages on the body of the car.

Download Coach Bus Simulator for Android .APK 2
Players can choose from a variety of vehicles

Video introduction game Coach Bus Simulator on Android

In addition, the player can also set the driving mode with many different modes just like a real car, setting metrics, transmission gearbox, engine tilt, graphics from low to high, etc. The game also supports multiple interface languages for players to choose.

Download Coach Bus Simulator for Android .APK 3
Experience great interiors on your vehicle

Besides the normal single player mode, you can fully select the multi-player mode in the game mode setting, select the vehicle type, then invite more players, join other players or participate. randomized. Players can view the dashboard, manage their bus numbers, view maps of Europe, buy new cars, etc. and many other interesting features.

Download Coach Bus Simulator for Android .APK 4
Start driving to visit places in the game

The time has come to board and start the journey to explore Europe with many unexpected and interesting destinations. Open the world map, experience on a new car and great interior will make you feel like you are driving a real car.

Download Coach Bus Simulator for Android .APK 5
The game possesses many outstanding features

The main feature of the game Coach Bus Simulator on Android

  • Open world map
  • Details of the long-distance bus
  • Customize the vehicle to your liking (you can write anything on your bus)
  • Help other cars throughout the routes
  • Manage your company and hire skilled drivers
  • The graphics of passengers in the game get on and off the bus like real
  • Weather conditions and day and night cycle
  • Actual and realistic images
  • The game mode provides the same great experience as in Driving School 2016
  • Detailed and modern furniture
  • Intelligent transportation system
  • Multiplayer mode allows you to challenge your friends

Download Coach Bus Simulator for Android .APK 6
Start your journey to explore cities across Europe

Guide to play the Coach Bus Simulator game on Android

  • Go to the gaming interface on your device. The game is fully compatible with both smartphones and tablets using Android 4.0.3 and up.
  • Go to Setting and set the desired settings for a better experience when playing.
  • Select single or multi-player mode at will.
  • Press the Play key, select any 1 city you like on the map and start the game.
  • Select driving mode before starting.
  • At this time, the screen will display all the keys for players to choose and control the car such as turning on the left / right turn signal light, turning on the car’s light, honking, braking, speeding up, etc.

New feature of the game Coach Bus Simulator on Android

  • Fixed a bug to help players have a smoother experience
  • Upgrade some features

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