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Clone Camera for Android is a very interesting camera application. It can help users split a picture of themselves into multiple avatars with different poses and use 2 to 4 split displays to create continuous splitting action. With the support of easy-to-understand background along with editing functions, fine-tuning brightness and position, the application will help you take photos more simply. Users can also view and share photos taken with Clone Camera.

The app includes a self-timer function (2/5/10 seconds) and camera filter effects ( aqua, blackboard, mono, negative, posterize, sepia, solarize, whiteboard , but some phones do not support all. both of these effects). Besides, you can also decorate the previous snapshot or save the file to a memory card, turn off or turn on the flash when shooting.

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Users will need to use a memory card to save the image.

If you need to see all the photos you’ve taken, just use the file viewer to view photos with the file name starting with CloneCamera in the root address book on the memory card or touching the file open icon in Clone Camera.

User manual:

Taking from 2 to 4 different photos, Clone Camera will combine these photos into one, (1 photo needs to be taken 2 to 4 times, you need to take after the object is replaced). Users can use many functions by clicking the settings icon and browsing the captured image when clicking the browse icon or even sharing that image.

Remember that the resolution of the default photo will be low, you will have to set the resolution to a higher level in the settings menu of Clone Camera.

Want to impress your friends and relatives with great photos? Now, this idea will be implemented with Clone Camera. When using this application, you can create great photos very easily. Besides the impressive results, owning them is equally simple. Unlike other camera applications available on the market, Clone Camera provides a completely different experience for Android users.

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Main function:

  • Introduce new users to let them know how to use the details.
  • Self-timer function – Self-timer – to take 4 different photos.
  • 27 photo filters to “spice up” your photos.
  • Support social networking tools such as Instagram , Facebook and Twitter .
  • Support high resolution.

To be able to create impressive photos, just take the photos you need, select 4 of them to combine and outline the topics you want to copy. Then, touch the preview button to view the output. After this step, users can select effects, cut out unnecessary parts and adjust photos. Overall, Clone Camera is the original application that can be used to create a photo of a copy and surprise friends.

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