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The latest update of Clash of Lords 2 seems to have met the wishes of gamers when the developer has added new heroes and more advanced skills to enhance the character. What are you waiting for? Quickly download the game to your computer to experience it.

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Similar to other strategy games, players will play the role of a military leader, they must recruit a lot of perfect heroes on the Wanderer to get more help when building a military base as well as when going to exploit resources. Even if they do well, players can also participate in the championship between Lords League lords , where they will compete with other rivals to win more troops and other attractive prizes for yourself.

The latest feature of the strategy game Clash of Lords 2 for Android:

  • Adding new hero Won Ton.
  • Adding 3 new skills to upgrade for heroes: The Berserker (Buff Up) , Abyss Demon (Leech More) and Skull Mage (Magical Forces).
  • Lucky Spin lucky spin now allows users to choose the desired reward. In addition, Soul and Mutagen were added as awards in this update.
  • Reset Enchant Level for heroes.
  • Add a new equipment package waiting for you to unlock.

Video introduction strategy game Clash of Lords 2 for Android

At the same time, similar to other games released by the same company, Clash of Lords 2 has a remarkable graphic quality. Characters, backgrounds, combat images are depicted in an animated style, quite funny but no less authentic and charismatic.

In particular, Clash of Lords 2 also supports a Facebook fanpage where players can update information about promotions, events and free gifts in the game. You will not want to miss out on the attractive gifts, limited quantities and only be given a short time from Clash of Lords 2 .

If you love the tower defense strategy game series, you definitely cannot ignore Clash of Lords 2 . Hurry up and download this game to your Android device and show your ingenious strategic mind.

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Some salient features of Clash of Lords 2 for Android

  • Immerse yourself in the world of Clash of Lords 2 and show your wisdom by controlling the hero in real-time matches.
  • The new Mercenary mode, which gives players a more interesting experience: in Clash of Lords 2 , you can combine generals and an army to create an inviolable collective. With this combination, players will have more opportunities to expand their power and resources.
  • Simple, addictive gameplay: you can leapfrog from military training period to switch to recruit and control generals in fiery confrontations.
  • Players can choose generals to add to their forces from a list of brave warriors available in the game. Each minister possesses different abilities and talents, none of them are alike. You absolutely can choose a general like that, consistent with your strategy and pocket.
  • Participate in interesting events in the game to win attractive prizes: you can conquer the tournament between Lords League Lords , can finish first in the Resource Raids race, can stand firm in Solo Campaigns and the best retail campaigns , raising the gold cup in the arena of Hero Arena heroes .
  • Players can invite their friends to join Clash of Lords 2 , form a party and experience the fascinating sensations that this game brings.
  • Download Clash of Lords 2 to your Android device and play games every day for a chance to get gems and hire generals for free.

Guide to play Clash of Lords 2 for Android

How to recruit generals

When starting to play the game, the player will be provided with a giant, enough for them to be able to overcome a few initial battles. After winning the battles, depending on the achievement, you will be rewarded with a champion. Besides, players are also allowed to choose to buy certain generals.

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The generals in Clash of Lords 2 for Android are divided into 4 levels: basic (normal) , okay (good) , rare ( rare ) and ” badass ” ( epic ). The last two categories are the most powerful and also the most sought after. But do not worry if you only own a mid-range or basic champion, because besides power, your control plays a big role in the victory. After having enough resources, players only need to upgrade the desired generals to own stronger soldiers.

How to use jade

At the beginning, you will get quite a lot of gems (over 500 pearls). However, players will find that the number is not worth it. You will soon spend this pearl on building bases, defenses or buying resources to raise troops. In addition, players will still have to use gems to revive champions as well as hire workers to build bases for themselves.

But do not worry because Clash of Lords 2 also supports a few ways to help players earn gems easily. For example, you can participate in tournaments to win valuable prizes. Especially in the tournament of survival, the more opponents the player kills, the more chances to get back items to add to their inventory.

Download Clash of Lords 2 for Android .APK 4

How to use the Ring

A ring is a currency used to buy cards and upgrade champions. Due to this nature, Ring is quite valuable and enthusiastically welcomed in Clash of Lords 2 . In order to earn a Ring , you need to take part in battles and must win to earn a Ring . At the same time, the player also has the right to convert gems into Ring .

The deeper you enter the game, the stronger and harder your opponent will play. To ensure the victory for themselves, the best player should hold in the hands of the generals of the highest level: rare and epic . That’s when you need a lot of Ring in hand, so collecting and using Ring properly from the beginning will never be redundant.

How to build a base

Every building has its own purpose, not a waste of resources. For example, if you want to train a powerful army, there must be a Hero Hall and a Guild Hall . In addition, if you want to own the best defense system, players need to equip mortars, cannons and sniper towers for their base.

Besides military buildings, civil structures also play a significant role. Specifically, if you have more tents for workers, you will have the right to hire more workers, thereby speeding up the construction process. Similarly, the more gold vaults and gold mines you build, the faster your military budget will be and you will have the resources to continue the battle.

Download Clash of Lords 2 for Android .APK 5

How to fight

In terms of defense, players must ensure they have a solid defense system, capable of preventing attacks from afar. And as mentioned above, equipment such as mortars, cannons or sniper towers play a very important role in the strength of a defense system.

Conversely, when in an offensive role, you need to make sure you use the most accurate manpower. Typically, players will designate a few generals to reach the enemy base, when the battle is in a critical phase, they will use jade / energy items to help increase the fighting power of the general. This tactic can help you achieve the final victory.

In some other campaigns, players may have to resort to a variety of fighting styles: attacking from behind, hitting enemy weaknesses. It is important that before each battle you need to conduct a thorough investigation of your opponent, “know who knows us, hundred battles a hundred wins”.

Ways to level up generals

Players have two different sets of abilities: active skill and passive skill . In particular, active skills are abilities that you can use at any time and can use Ring to upgrade those skills. In contrast, passive skills will help strengthen the general’s ability, helping players win more easily in battles. However, you are not the only one who knows about these skills, so winning or not depends largely on how you use these skills.

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