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City Island 4 – Sim Town Tycoon is the latest version of the City Island City game series, now supports playing on Windows 10 computers.

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City Island is one of the most famous city building game series in the world, the product comes from Sparkling Society Games – the father of Town City and Village City Island Sim . In City Island 4 PC , players will have hours of fun building, managing and developing. You will play a businessman with the mission to develop a small village on the island into a vast virtual world of many islands linked together. This is an offline game so you can experience it anytime, anywhere without Internet.

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City Island 4 game features

  • City building game combining real life simulation .
  • Simple game, easy to play.
  • Build and decorate the beautiful island with over 300 unique items.
  • Gameplay combines business style.
  • Tablet support.
  • High quality graphics, detailed.
  • Intuitive gameplay with daily quests, rewards, and achievements.
  • Complete quests to create the dream paradise for city people.
  • In-game currency: gold and cash, pirate chest.

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  • Attracting immigrants into the city thanks to the system of parks, trees, modern railways, ships, decorations and community buildings.
  • Make a profit from commercial buildings.
  • Upgrade city.
  • Help people write their own new story.
  • Unlock the transport system to new islands.
  • Collect XP and level up to unlock new buildings.
  • Get rewarded for playing everyday games.
  • Expanding the city by building more constructions, developing traffic …
  • Speed up construction with time modifiers.
  • Lots of adventure , pirate treasures and fun quests to unlock.

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Discover new islands, expand the city and improve the quality of life for the people. Your mission in City Island 4 is to make people happy, enjoy the full life with advanced transportation systems, public works, entertainment areas … through countless daily tasks.

Join over 50 million gamers who love the City Island series. The game possesses eye-catching and realistic graphics. You will strategically place buildings and decorations to make a lot of money, helping the city thrive. Watch your island rise to life, experiencing a cycle of night and day, from the dry season to the rainy season, sunny days of snow or white snow. Manage and expand the city in both online and offline modes.

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Following the success of City Island 3: Building Sim , City Island 4 is the fourth installment in the series of the same name – a combination of city building and business games. You start from an empty island and have little gold in your hand. Do everything you can to grow the city, quickly becoming a bustling metropolis. Game City Island 4 offers more than 300 stunning and detailed works, you will have hours of game play without being boring and creative.

As mayor, you need to address all life challenges such as maintenance of buildings, fire protection, and service to the community. A growing city means a growing population, and needs are also expanding. Balance the factors for a sustainable and positive city growth!

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